Wk #81: MIRACLES up in here!

Hey Ya'll!

We've had a pretty good week here in Milton, Florida! We had a few service opportunities that were great. We raked some more leaves and bagged them up for some members, and we also folded lots of laundry for another member. I love doing service!

For the random moment of the week, I got stuck in a cardboard box. Yep. Stuck. It was quite the sight! We had to tip it over (it was a huge box) to even start to get me out. I wish I could explain over email what happened, but it just wouldn't make sense. I live such a strange life. 

Let me tell you about a miracle this week. If you remember last week's email, one of our less actives invited a nonmember family to the luau. The family came and had a great time! This week we decided to stop by their house and talk to them about what we as missionaries do. Remona (the mom) quickly let us right into her home. As we began, tears filled her eyes and she was overcome with emotion. She regained her composure, and continued to listen. As we recited the First Vision she was overcome once again, and commented that she had never felt anything so powerful in her life. As we began to wrap up the lesson she mentioned that she had felt that feeling as soon as we had walked into her home. We invited her to be baptized, and without hesitation she accepted. We left in amazement at the spirit and went on with our day. A few days later we were prompted to stop by again. We planned to just read the Book of Mormon with her to make sure she understood it and to get her started. As we sat down she told us that she had read all of the testimonies in the front and was on 1 Nephi 5! We were floored! We read up until 1 Nephi 9 with her and had a great discussion about the chapters and verses as we went. We invited her to church and quickly agreed to come. So, Sunday rolls around and there she is with her daughter and granddaughter in the chapel! She leans over to me and whispers, "I'm in 2 Nephi!" WHAT! She ended up loving church and told us that she ALMOST got up to bear her testimony in Relief Society! But she got shy :) She is incredible. Please keep her in your prayers! God is preparing so many people for the gospel!

Another miracle/reassuring moment this week was at our investigator, Lillie's. We hadn't seen her for a while and we were worried about her progression. As we began the lesson the spirit settled into her home, and we taught the Plan of Salvation. As we were going through, tears fell from her eyes and she was in total amazement. At the end of the lesson, she looked at us, and sat there for a few moments and said, "I want you to know, that I have learned more in this one hour with you girls than I have my whole 68 years of life." What a powerful spirit that brought. When we left, she gave me a hug and just cried and told me how grateful she was. 

I am beyond grateful for the spirit that teaches the prepared. There are no words to describe the feeling of watching someone be touched by the spirit and allowing it into their lives. 

Not only have we had some beautiful investigator lessons, we had more less actives than we were expecting be touched by the spirit as well, and express their desire to come back into the fold. 

This work truly is a marvelous work and a wonder.  Each one of us has a divine calling to reach out and pick someone up, set them on their feet, and support them as they walk through this journey. I love this gospel, and I love to live it! 

Thanks for all the love and support!!!

Sister Holmes
help! my bum is stuck!
Look who I found! ;)
family history with a member!

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