Wk #72: Happy Week :)

Here Comes Spring!
Hello lovely people!

I don't have a whole lot to report on this week, but It was a pretty good one! We were able to see a tone of Less Actives and all of our Recent Converts, and they are all definitely being blessed. We had some pretty incredible lessons that were no doubt led by the spirit. We have so many reactivations in the work this transfer, and it's a HUGE miracle! We also were able to work with the bishopric to (FINALLY) get a temple trip planned for May 7th! There are converts of a YEAR that haven't even been to the temple yet, and all of our recent converts are SO excited to go. The spirit in their excitement is out of this world. So, needless to say, the spirit of Elijah has been rockin our world this week. Oh, how my testimony of Family History has grown. I could do it all day everyday, and I can't wait until that's possible! 

We got an incredible new investigator this week from INDIA! He is so prepared. He told us that he knows that the Catholic church is NOT true. He is diligently seeking for the truth and is willing to do whatever it takes to find it. It's been awesome. His accent is a little hard to understand, but man. We are so excited! He goes back to India in a month, so we are really hoping to help him feel the spirit! 

Hunter and Willie are getting so excited for their baptism and are doing incredible. I am SO proud of Willie. He has come such a long way and man, the testimony he has gained is very touching. He is also extremely excited to go to the temple! 

The weather here has been crazy! There were lots of tornado warnings at the beginning of the week throughout the entire mission, and school was even cancelled completely on Wednesday all throughout Tallahassee because that's when we were supposed to get hit, but miraculously it jumped right over us! Talk about a tender mercy! Multiple tornadoes touched down in the mission, but we got blessed. We were so grateful. Now it's in the 70's! haha Good ole mother nature!

This week we've had the wonderful blessing of watching the Restoration movie multiple times with those we are teaching. The spirit that has filled my soul has been overwhelming has I ponder the life of Joseph Smith. I will eternally be grateful for his diligence and faith. If he would have backed down just once, we probably wouldn't have the Book of Mormon today. I am grateful for Emma and her loving support to the Prophet, Seer and Revelator. 

Elder Neil L. Andersen said, "A testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith can come differently to each of us. It may come as you kneel in prayer, asking God to confirm that he was a true prophet. It may come as you read the Prophet’s account of the First Vision. A testimony may distill upon your soul as you read the Book of Mormon again and again. It may come as you bear your own testimony of the Prophet or as you stand in the temple and realize that through Joseph Smith the holy sealing power was restored to the earth. With faith and real intent, your testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith will strengthen... 

There are great and wonderful days ahead. President Thomas S. Monson has said: “This great cause … will continue to go forth, changing and blessing lives. … No force in the entire world can stop the work of God. Despite what comes, this great cause will go forward.”

I give you my witness that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. He chose a holy man, a righteous man, to lead the Restoration of the fulness of His gospel. He chose Joseph Smith.

I testify that Joseph Smith was an honest and virtuous man, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, did appear to him. He did translate the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God.

In our society beyond the veil of death, we will clearly understand the sacred calling and divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith. In that not-too-distant day, you and I and “millions [more] shall know ‘Brother Joseph’ again.”

I too know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet in these latter days. 

I love you all! 

Sister Holmes :) 

picture- here comes spring!

Wk #71: It's a BRIGHT SUNSHINY day!

Lexa with Sis Rianne Saunders, a friend of Cade's from home! Welcome to FTM!
Today here in the sunny florida it is 82*! What happened to winter or spring?! I'm worried we have skipped both of those seasons! But, I'm not complaining. It's such a nice day! 

It was transfer week and.... I'M STAYING ON TCC! You guys. this was a moment full of happy happy HAPPY tears! I LOVE THIS PLACE. This will be Sister Evans and I's 4th transfer together! We can't believe it! We are each other's longest companions. I am SO grateful.

Lloyd and Derek
We had a pretty crazy week, lots of driving to help with transfers, but it was a good week. We had some crazy awesome lessons with a ton of our less actives! REACTIVATION here we come! SO many of them are progressing so quickly. It's the same excitement as a baptism! I love these people!!! 

A highlight of my week was while we were driving, we stopped at a stop light. Out of the corner of my eye I could see this older man staring at me. So I made sure to not make eye contact. Well, I accidentally did and noticed a little six year old in the back of the car also staring at me! I rolled down my window at their request and the older gentleman said "My little kiddie here thinks you are HOT! He was too shy to say anything to you though!" I just laughed and said hi to the little boy, then the light turned green and the little boy yelled "You are SOOO PRETTY!" haha made my entire day. 

Not too much to report on this week. 

Hunter and Willie are still on schedule to be baptized March 12th, so we are getting pretty excited for that! 

So many good things are happening over here. 

"The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice."
—Neil L. Andersen

Love you all!

Sister Holmes

picture- this is Sister Saunders from HOME! Cade's really good friend! So happy she is here!

Wk # 70: Then Sings My Soul

Hello from the one and only Tallahassee Florida Mission! 

What an incredible week! I know I always say that, but really. We are being SPOILED over here! I am so grateful!!!

This week started out in the ER. Yep, you read that right. The stinkin Emergency Room! 
Good Night Tally
Sunday morning I wake up and start getting ready for the day. I hopped out of the shower and went to pick out an outfit and was all the sudden on the ground in the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. I quickly threw on some clothes and went out into the living room to Sister Evans. We immediately called our mission nurse who told me to wait it out for about an hour to see if the pain eased up any. I tried to take some Advil, but the pain was so bad that the nausea didn't allow me to take anything. So I tried sipping some water, and instantly threw it up. Literally feeling like I was going to die, we called the Elders to come give me a blessing. Heavenly Father told me to patiently endure through this trial, which made me a little nervous because I was in such incredible pain. After the hour had finished, we called the mission nurse back and urgently expressed that the pain was getting worse. Poor Sister Evans was a trooper as I was crying and rolling on the ground doubled over! So, we grabbed our stuff and left for the Emergency Room. Of course I had my Grandma D blanket and a mixing  bowl just in case. ;) We got to the hospital and barely made it in. The lady at the front desk was getting my info and trying to crack jokes that were far from humorous to keep me distracted from the pain. They pushed me in a wheel chair right back to a room where I then got my first IV and my first dose of morphine! What a strange morning I had thought. As the morphine kicked in I was finally able to calm down and I dozed in and out of sleep. During the long wait for the Doctor, one of the hospital workers came in and asked if I had a living will or if I would like one, and if I was going to need a feeding tube. What the?! haha Sister Evans and I just laughed. I ended up having some tests done, and all of it came back normal of course, so they sent me home with some pain and nasuea meds and told me good luck. What a trip! I was SO upset because we missed Curel and Derrick's confirmation and didn't make it to church until the last hour. We were in the ER for about 5 hours on Sunday. Luckily, we got to see Derek Terry get the Priesthood so that was so great! It was just such an interesting start to the week. 

On Wednesday the Wilde's took us out to dinnner! We went to Red Robin and it was so good! I love a good burger! It was fun getting to know them. It's still so strange that my biology/drivers ed teacher is serving alongside me, but they are outstanding missionaries and I love them both!

The rest of the week was full of miracles though! We met some more INCREDIBLY prepared people! To make it even better, Curel and Derek T came out contacting with us and were the ones who met some of them! It was awesome! They both felt a huge spark of missionary fire, and Curel even mentioned that he's been thinking about serving a mission :) Oh how I love them so much! 

We have a couple more investigators progressing towards setting baptismal date, and.......


You guys. It was such a beautiful day! The spirit was so so strong. Her boyfriend, Scott and her parents were there (all from Texas) and a few of her friends came to support her! She bore her testimony at the end, and I can't even express how strong the spirit was. She is such a choice daughter of Heavenly Father. Scott was able to baptize and confirm her today, so that made it even better!

I am so so grateful to be serving a mission. I wouldn't trade the world for this experience. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father called me to serve a mission, and I'm grateful that he gave the courage to to heed to that call. In my setting apart blessing I was told that my family at home would love me and support me, but that I would gain new family in the mission. Oh, the truth of that statement! These people are my heart, and this work is my life. No joy can be compared to what I feel right now. 

To my Heavenly Father, "how great Thou art, how great Thou art."

All my love, 

Sister Holmes
A windy day in Tally
Curel out doing missionary work



Today I experienced one of the most joyous baptisms of my LIFE. Curel and Derrick were the happiest people in the universe! The program was beautiful, the spirit was so strong, and their mom was able to make it! They asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, so I was super happy to do that. Poor Curel had to be baptized 5 times because the water had drained a little bit and his pant leg kept floating up, be he finally got in there! Derrick was really grateful that he went second because he only had to do it once. :) They bore their testimonies, and their mom (who is a non member) even got up and said "maybe I'll be baptized next!" WHAT! She's so sweet. It was seriously one of the most powerful spirits I have felt on my entire mission. Curel was sobbing tears of joy in his testimony. The power of conversion and the Atonement is so real. Sometimes we experience so much joy that only tears can express that. Me included. :) not to mention we had SO much support from our ward there! So good. 

This week was phenomenal. We set TWO more baptismal dates!! Berkley is still on for next Saturday, and she is growing SO much! She is absolutely perfect. Then we have Hunter, Willie and Christopher scheduled for March 12th!!! I am extremely grateful. We are being incredibly blessed right now, and I truly know with all that I am that "the field is white already to harvest..." Sister Evans and I are continually doubling our efforts, and seeing the blessings. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing, and I know that Heavenly Father is helping us along the way! I am inexpressibly

To make the week even better, Derek Terry is getting the Priesthood tomorrow!!!! AH! Tons of excitement happening! He is incredible. He is the most stunning member missionary I have ever met. OH! And his mormon.org profile is up!!! check it out!!! https://www.mormon.org/me/J6MC/DerekTerry

We also had MLC this week which was out of this world. I was so overwhelmed with the spirit and a new fire to work! It was inspiring and life changing. How grateful I am to have the privilege of attending MLC! The weather was pretty nasty as I was driving, but we made it safe and had lots of fun adventures! 

I love it here so much. I have never felt so much love in my entire life, and it's the happiest feeling in the world. 

I am so grateful for this gospel. Nothing has brought me more peace and purpose. I know who I am, and I know why I was sent here. These people I have met on my mission have changed my life exponentially more than I could ever change theirs. I'm grateful for the call to Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts, and Connect Generations. It's the greatest mission for this life, and it's the most joyful learning experience ever to be had. 

I love you all so MUCH!


Sister Holmes