Wk #55: I've Lost My Marbles.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!!!
YSA Ward Costume Winner

It took Sister Evans and I until 11:00am to remember that today was Halloween! Where has the month gone?! It's so weird to think that exactly a year ago, I was right where Cade is! Halloween in the MTC. I ate SO much junk that day. So fun!

This week I lost my marbles. All of them. My brain has officially turned to mush and I don't even know how to get it back! haha actually, I don't even know where to find time to figure out how to get it back! Too little time, so much to do! 

It was a roller coaster of a week. I don't even know if roller coaster is the right term.. bittersweet? I don't know. Lots of good, some bad, lots of miracles, and lots of stress!
"Look who I found!"

First of all, out of 26 planned lessons this week... 3 worked out. THREE! Talk about a rough week!
Sister Evans, Q, Sister Holmes

We went on two exchanges this week. I went to Crawfordville once again, and I about DIED! They've gone over on miles for the month, so we got to bike! Which, I'm totally down with. But whew! Am I out of shape! After 7 months of not riding a bike... we rode over TWELVE MILES..... uphill, against the wind, without water. I really thought death was around the corner. But hey! I survived, and that's all that matters right?! 

 Sister Evans has come to realize how jumpy I am and  LOVES to scare me. I keep telling her that payback is coming, but we get a good laugh out of it. :) 

Our singles ward had a super fun Halloween party on Thursday, and the turn out was awesome! Lots of investigators came, and the ward participation was so great! We had a lot of fun. I think I ate over 20 cookies.. but I don't think anyone noticed... blessing or a curse? Someone probably should have stopped me. 

Speaking of that... Every office chair that I sit in slowly lowers... is that a sign? Even the one I'm sitting on to email ya'll keeps going down! I GET IT. Layin off the cookies. ;)

Tonight our district is having a Halloween party since we have to be in early. We're pretty excited. I'm preppin to kick some you know what in ping pong and pumpkin carving. It's about to get REAL.

And, to save the best for last....


Our investigator, Andrew, has had the lessons 3 times, and we've been working with him for a really long time. We had just set a baptismal date for November 7th, but things came up and so we moved it to the 5th. THEN, he met with bishop, and we all decided on tomorrow after church! I AM THRILLED. My heart is so grateful that Andrew finally get's to experience the blessings of baptism! He is the goofiest, most genius person, but man. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to know that kid. He's really, really neat. What better way to bring in November than with a baptism? :)

Really though, what a blessing the gospel is. The power of missionary work has filled my heart and healed it from so many wounds. I'm eternally grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who gives each and every one of His children the opportunity to find happiness and peace. My testimony of the Book of Mormon continues to grow, and the converting power it contains is what I consider the greatest power this earth has. I second the testimony of Elder Holland, and I will defend this gospel until the day I die. 

My personal studies recently have been extremely good. Ever since Cade left for his mission, I've received an extra dose of the spirit that has helped me more than I could ever begin to explain. Interestingly enough, the week he came out on his mission was the week I finally felt that I knew what I was doing and understood the work. What a tender miracle. I'm very grateful for you Elder Holmes!

I love you all SO much, and I'm again so grateful for the prayers you send my way. 
I'm still the happiest missionary out there. 


Sister Holmes :) 


Wk #54: The Spirit of Elijah

What up my people!

This week has been C-R-A-Z-Y.
Absolutely nuts, but in a good way! :)

First of all... WHAT THE YEAR MARK?! It freaks me out a little bit! I hate how fast the time flies. It was a good day though! My sweet companion made me pancakes for breakfast while I was in the shower! They were super yummy. I got a few packages (THANK YOU!) and had a great day full of missionary work! 
My "lexa moment" for the week was that I walked smack dab into a WALL. What is my problem?! It was super embarrassing, and I may or may not have a bruise on my arm from it. haha My life is the best life. :) 

We had some really incredible lessons this week. We taught Derek twice, and boy. I have been SO grateful that Heavenly Father led us to him! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he LOVED it. We asked him what his thoughts were, and he got a huge grin and said, "It just makes me feel so happy! It's WAY better than what I thought was going to happen to everyone, and way better than what I've been taught." He really, really loved it. He even took a picture of the little layout we have (THANKS MOM!) and was so excited to keep looking at it. THEN, we taught him about Family History and Temples at the next lesson because during the Plan of Salvation when we asked if he had any questions he asked, "What about all the people in the spirit world that haven't been baptized? That's not very fair for them." PERFECT QUESTION! So we taught about Family History and Baptisms for the dead, and WHOA. That was a powerful lesson. The spirit of Elijah was SO strong. I sat there in awe during the whole lesson. During the lesson he whipped out his notebook and pen and started writing notes and asked for us to repeat all the scripture references that we had used, and at the end he said, "This makes so much sense. God is a fair God! SO THIS MAKES SENSE! I want to go into the temple one day and help my ancestors be baptized. I can't wait." WHAT!!! I was SO happy!!! I got a little teary eyed! This lesson is what made him deeply consider baptism. He's so ready, and I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude. I love the gospel!!! He is such a sweet kid!
I went on two exchanges this week! I went to Crawfordville and the Tally 4th ward area! I love getting to serve in other areas with the sisters. They are all incredible, and I learn so much every time! In Crawfordville, we had an extremely powerful lesson with a less active about working towards the temple. You guys. THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS SO REAL. Again, I got teary eyed in that one too! SO many incredible moment this week that I will forever cherish. I love working with my sisters!

I have felt extremely overwhelmed and blessed to be out serving with Cade. The power of missionary work has been such a testimony to me. I truly have felt the blessings of serving at the same time with him, and that spirit that I have felt that comes from that is something I will never forget. So, Elder Holmes, thank you for being willing to accept the call to serve. I am forever grateful!

I love you all so so much. I can't even say it enough. Thank you for all your love and all the support and prayers. They are definitely felt and recognized and I thank Heavenly Father every day, multiple times a day for that! Seriously though. How did I get so lucky?

I just want to leave you with this video (I MAY have shared it before... I can't remember..) and challenge to work on your family history this week. We ALL have time to get on to familysearch.org and seek them out. It's the perfect Sabbath activity. :) But I know that our ancestors are waiting for us, you and me, to take them to the temple. Don't make them wait any longer, be a Savior on Mount Zion!

I love you all so so much!! Have a wonderful week!!

All my love, 
Sister Holmes


Week #53: Transfer Week = An Emotional Week

Saying Goodbye to Sister Wood
Hello my loves!

I don't even know where to begin this week! SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED. 

But first of all, HUGE shout out to by SI GUY! Happy Birthday buddy!!! :)

This week was FULL of miracles. One right after the other, and boy, am I overwhelmed with gratitude! And I am SO grateful they happened while I was still with Sister Wood!!!
Sister Evans... the new companion

This week we got six, yes SIX new investigators, and they are all EXTREMELY prepared. I have been blown away by the guidance of the spirit this week. 

Ferdinand is from the Ivory Coast and truly recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ as we taught the restoration. As we testified and promised blessings, he thanked us multiple times. He is such a sweet heart, and I am thrilled to be working with him!

Gregory is incredible. He had a buddy that passed away in a car accident that they were in a few months back, and he has an incredible testimony of prayer. We are so excited to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. What a blessing that knowledge is!

Victor is hilarious. He reminds me of all my boys back home! We were laughin the whole time. (Don't worry, the spirit was there!) But we are way excited about him.

Willie.. Willie is AWESOME. As we taught him the restoration, and he was overcome with the spirit. We had waited on him to get to his lesson for 25 minutes, debating on if we should leave, when all of the sudden he walks into the library. He had forgotten about our appointment and was sitting on the bus, when his alarm went off to remind him to meet with us. He got off the bus and ran to the library! As we taught the restoration, he got very emotional, and said that he knew God needed him to hear this message. It was a very powerful experience!

Christina is a family history investigator, who we are positive will come to love the gospel. She is SO sweet.

Fred we met while walking down the street. He was dozing off on a chair across the street, but I felt prompted to go talk to him. As we did, he opened up about the trials he is facing and said that God had sent us to him. Wow! 

Derek is still doing extremely well. We started reading the Book of Mormon with him, and man. The spirit was so strong. He fell in LOVE! we only read 1 Nephi 1-3, but he didn't want to put it down. He kept asking if we could keep reading to see what happens next, but we left him on a cliff hanger to see for himself on his own! It was a really neat experience.

We also set a baptismal date with our investigator Andrew for November 7th! We are SO excited about that!!! Please, please keep him in your prayers!

We also were able to meet with a lot of our recent converts, and that was a huge blessing. 

Transfers were Wednesday. I've said it before, and I will say it again, and I'll probably say it the next time as well... but I HATE TRANSFERS. 


It was SO hard to say goodbye to my sweet Sister Wood! I hated it. haha SO. MANY. TEARS.
that's the mission life for ya.

 My new companion is Sister Evans from Wallsburg, Utah! Don't worry, I didn't know where that was at either... haha but it's by Heber. She is SUPER athletic and very, very, VERY hard working! 

I think I MAY have about killed her yesterday. We walked ALL day. She was pretty exhausted last night. It was awesome! Hard work makes for the best sleep ;)

I'm overwhelmed to be leading the area and getting Sister Evans adjusted, but I know the Lord qualifies those he calls. 

For those of you who asked, I am still on TCC campus and I am still a sister training leader! Everything's the same except my companion!

I'm so blessed to be serving as a missionary at this time in the world. I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for the life changing experiences and testimony building moments He has given me. I'm grateful for prayer and the spirit, and I know that they work hand in hand. 

I just want to leave ya'll with this quote from Elder Uctdorf's talk in the Women's General Broadcast.

"As you walk along your own bright path of discipleship, I pray that faith will fortify every footstep along your way; that hope will open your eyes to the glories Heavenly Father has in store for you; and that love for God and all His children will fill your hearts."

I love you all SO much, and I am so grateful for your prayers, letters, support and love!

Until next time, 

Sister Holmes :)


Week #52: Another Week!

Happy October 10th!

This week has been a crazy one! We've been staying super busy, and I feel like we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off, but that's okay, we're still alive and kickin!

On Monday we went to Wakulla Springs with the sisters in our district, and it was SO much fun!! It was GORGEOUS. I didn't want to leave! It's a very historic place, and I fell in love. We took a boat tour and got to see some manatee's and alligators!!! say what!! First of all, manatees are GINORMOUS. Second of all, gators are freaky. Talk about dinosaurs! I wouldn't want to be chased by one of them, that's all I'm sayin. It was way fun though, and it was super nice to be able to do something fun on P-day! 

This week also had a lot of funny moments :) 

-I was asked about my dating life, and then given advice.
-We were asked if we were high on marijuana... um... NO. The gospel is just that good! 
-I spent the night in Perry, FL... in a TRAILER... in the middle of the woods... Those sisters are troopers. While there I got eaten alive by sand gnats... What even are sand gnats?! I also opened the door to realize there was a snake, on TOP of the door, preparing to pounce on two baby frogs. Terrifying. I'm very grateful I live in the city.
-I butt called 911.. yeah.. oops! I'm cursed with butt calling people. It's really bad. haha

We also had some pretty awesome miracle moments. We found the most genuinely prepared kid on campus this week. We sat and taught him on the spot, and he felt the spirit SO strong. He asked so many incredible questions, and agreed with everything! His name is Derek and we are so grateful that Heavenly Father led us right to him!

It's been a really crazy week, and I know more happened, but I am SO brain dead today!!! But I'm super sad because Sister Wood leaves this week. :( We've been trying to get that all ready, and stuff. but all in all it was an awesome week, and I still love being a missionary :) 

To end, I want to bear testimony that this gospel is so true, and that as we continually seek the spirit, we will be led to where we need to be. I know that He is VERY aware of our heartaches, pains, frustrations and joys. He loves us and wants us to be happy, and all we need to do is allow Him to bless us. 

I'm so grateful. So so grateful.

Love all ya'll!!! 

Sister Holmes

and ELDER HOLMES! Welcome to the mission field!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Week #51: Trials Bring Gratitude

My heart is SO full of gratitude today. So many happy things to be grateful for!!!

First of all. Let's talk about General Conference. 

WHOA. Why can't it be General Conference ALL the time?! So much love!!! I was overcome by the spirit as I sat in a quiet chapel, surrounded by missionaries and investigators listening to the words of the Lord. So many things touched my heart, deepened my understanding, and confirmed to me that this truly is the path we need to be on. I was filled with wonder and awe at the council given, and the testimonies shared. I desperately needed the sweet spirit of conference this weekend. Oh, what a blessing!

This week has been a rough one for me. Lots of little things adding up, weighing me down, and dragging me along. We did service last saturday morning (i think I wrote about it last week) and had gotten bit by a bug which turned into not a very good thing! It ended up swelling to the size of a golf ball, and was as red as a cherry tomato about the size of a penny. It was SO painful. I had to go to the doctor (bblleehhhhh) and got some antibiotics! Dr. Kent was a little concerned, but luckily the meds have been working wonders! It's gone down a TON and isn't red anymore. YAY!!

I also got hit with the sick bug this week. It's been going around everyone out here... and finally hit me. Hard. It's been a struggle, but I'm still keepin on! There's no time to slow down!! I'm hoping and praying I'm on the uphill swing of things now... but we'll see.
Sadly, we won't be having any baptisms this weekend. Our investigators are really struggling right now, and we're really really sad about that! They are all incredible. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such inspiring people. They'll get the blessings of baptism soon. :) It's all in the Lord's timing!

Little frustrations have filled this week, but I have continually focused on being grateful. It's the cure for everything. I am SO SO SO GRATEFUL. Heavenly Father is SO good to me. I don't deserve it most of the time. 

Also, HUGE shoutout to the almost Elder Holmes as he leaves for the MTC this week! My love for that kid is beyond words. Buddy, WELCOME TO THE WORK! :) 

Also, another huge shout out to MADI!!! the almost Sister Holmes the second! ;) I am overwhelmed with excitement for Argentina to get two of my favorite people in the entire world!!!

What a beautiful peace the gospel brings!

As I sat and listened to the tender talk Elder Bednar gave, I was filled with happiness and a joy that I was serving a mission. He quoted sweet Elder Scott that said "When you cannot do what you have always done, you only do what matters most." 

How true that statement is!

I feel like that is the definition of my mission. I was once the person doing things that I loved, things I was good at, and things I chose, but then I was set apart to do the most important thing, and I couldn't be happier. 

I love ALL OF YOU!!! 
really. so much love.

Sister Holmes :)