Wk # 82: What a WEEK!

You guys. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY?! Like, really though. I don't think it's even possible to explain! My love for this work is beyond comprehension. "In thoroughness is satisfaction." And boy, does satisfaction bring vigor! 
the "after" spoon picture!

This week was OFF THE CHARTS good. Let me tell you why.

Monday we had Zone Activity and played Volleyball. I am definitely NOT skilled in that area of sports, but it was so much fun to be with everyone! Then that night we decided to go tracting a little bit. We said a prayer, and set out to our first house with lots of faith that we would find those prepared. We knock, and two BEAUTIFUL teenage girls answer the door and let us right in. Their names are Carolyn and Robin. They are 15 and 13 and the sweetest people I have ever met. (My little black heart was so happy!) We taught them the restoration and they LOVED it. Their faith is so strong, and we are seeing them again tonight!

Tuesday we taught some incredible lessons. One of them was with Remona and..... SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED JUNE 11TH!!!! What a woman. She has a POWERFUL testimony. She has had some pretty amazing experiences with the gospel, and she is already finished with 2 Nephi! What the! We are going to try to start teaching her family as well!!! Not only that, but we are teaching a cute little guy named Melvin. He is in his 80's and is as sweet as can be. We've had to get creative though because it's hard to find a female member to go with us so that we can go into his home. So, we set up two chairs on his TINY front porch/stairs (outside), prop the door open, and he sits inside on his couch. No rules broken, and the gospel is still being taught! He is praying about baptism right now :) 

Wednesday we went to MLC! MLC is a stinkin family reunion for me. I LOVE it so much! Those people are some of the most incredible missionaries I have ever met. Plus extra time with President and Sister Smith is the cherry on top! But, not only did we have MLC....... I GOT TO GO BACK TO TCC WITH MY GIRL SISTER EVANS!!!!!!!!!! We got to go on exchanges in Tally!!! 

MY LIFE WAS COMPLETE. On Thursday I got to see almost all of my people! And man. They are doing SO GOOD. I was BLOWN away at their testimonies and light. Willie has grown so much spiritually. His prayers and testimony were so powerful. Curel and Derrick were SO happy and full of light, Derek was as strong as ever and just as close to perfect as always. I got to see the KNUDSEN FAMILY, which was like, the best thing EVER! And the spirit in our lessons was so, so sweet. That place will forever be my home! Not to mention, THEY ALL WENT TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEKEND!!!! My heart is so happy!

Friday we came home and did lots of service! We planted some beautiful flower gardens for a member and helped another member polish some gorgeous old silver spoons that were her moms! Oh, how I love service! Wearing pants is pretty nice too ;)

Saturday we had two awesome break through moments with some less actives, and one who hadn't been to church in years CAME ON SUNDAY!!! When we had gone to her home to teach them, they very first thing she said as we walked in was, "I'M COMING TO CHURCH TOMORROW!!!" Man. What a blessing. 

And then of course, Sunday I got to talk to my sweet family! What a tender mercy technology is! I am so grateful that I got to chat with them!! And a HUGE shoutout to my pretty momma for Mother's Day! I was blessed with the most selfless, beautiful, strong, personable mom in the world. Heavenly Father loves me so much! haha 

So basically, this week rocked. There's not much else to say. 

This gospel is TRUE. The Restoration is a FACT. The Atonement is REAL. The Savior LIVES. And MISSIONARY WORK IS WHAT KEEPS THE WORLD GOING ROUND. 


Sister Holmes
The Melvin Lesson gettin creative!
My rinds!!!
the club.
Derek <3
I LOVE THEM! Curel & Derrick
road kill anyone? Haha

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