Wk #18: Tender Mercies

Ya'll! It's been an awesome week!! Sister Rohwer and I have had so many amazing experiences that we have been so overwhelmed. The Lord has given us tender mercy after tender mercy, and we have been SO grateful for that!!

Valerie is doing AWESOME. She's sharing the gospel with two of her friends, and has been such an amazing missionary! Her testimony is so strong, and she constantly tells us how grateful she is for the gospel, then she gets teary eyed and says "Go out and find people like me. I want them to experience the things that I have. You are out here saving lives. Don't ever give up." We have had some extremely powerful experiences with her. WE ARE SO PROUD!

Our ADORABLE little investigator, Jazzanae is getting baptized on February 28th! She is a doll. I have never met a little girl with a testimony like hers. She's definitely got an extremely special purpose here on earth in the gospel. We had asked her how it made her feel to know that we can be with our families forever, and she responded "It makes me feel proud! I get to be with my beautiful sisters forever. And when I feel this way it just makes me want to hug everybody. I'm proud of my family, and my faith, and I love Jesus." Melted my heart! We are so so excited for her, and she is ecstatic about getting baptized!

We also got a new investigator this week, and he is quite the miracle. His sweet wife is a strong member in our ward, and the cutest little lady in the world. Archie LOVES to feed the missionaries, but has always been very bold about not wanting to talk about the gospel with us. (It's been this way for years, and his home teachers have been trying to work with him for as long as they've been here in Florida.. which is a where they grew up.. so a long time.) Well, Mr. Archie wanted to meet Sister Rohwer! So we set up a time to go over there, and both felt prompted to share a little gospel message with him. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG. We ended up setting up another appointment, he came to church that sunday (which was H U G E), and at the next appointment.... drum roll please... we invited him to be baptized, and HE ACCEPTED!!!!!!! So yesterday (he was at church again!!) we asked him how he was feeling about being baptized, and he was so excited! We set a date for March 14th!! Keep him in your prayers! We have had the most powerful lessons with him that I've experienced my whole mission. He is ready for the gospel, and we are SO happy for him!!

We had a lesson with our new investigator, Roy. (The bible basher...) and we really focused it on the Book of Mormon. It was a little frustrating, but I was able to bear testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith as well as the Book of Mormon, and I was overwhelmed with the spirit. It really hit me. I am so lucky that I get to be out here, sharing what I KNOW is true. you can't deny something that someone knows, and I was able to truly testify with all my heart about the gospel. We have another appointment with him next week. :)

This week we also got to go to Tallahassee to get the lovely Black Boxes put into our cars! (If you don't know what those are... google them. haha they are a safety device for our cars that I'm still trying to get used to) but I'm now the designated driver, and the steward over the car, so that's fun. haha BUT, it was Zone Conference so we had an AWESOME meeting with a few of the zones in the mission! I learned SO much, and as always, the spirit was just so strong. President and Sister Smith have my heart. I'm so grateful to have them leading this mission! Sister Smith showed us this video during the conference, and it really touched me. We are all in battle with the adversary. We know we are going to win, but we have so much to do before we gain that win. http://floridatallahasseemissionexperience.blogspot.com/2015/02/training-video.html
 It was a fun little road trip, and definitely exactly what I needed. :)

Also, Sister Rohwer has converted me to coconut. Never been a fan until now! She got a cute package with coconut macaroon cookie mix in it from Kitchen Kneads and WHOA. I had to REALLY practice my self control. HEAVEN.
This week I have been so overwhelmed with the spirit, that sometimes I look at my badge and just feel so honored to wear my Savior's name on my chest, to represent Him, and to bring others to the fold! What an amazing opportunity.

Thanks for all the Valentine's Love over the weekend! I loved it all!!!
Have a blessed day!
Sister Holmes :)

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