Wk #19: Witnessing a Testimony Grow

Four months has brought the highest highs and lowest lows, curve balls and home runs, weakness and strength, confidence and doubt. I've learned, and I've learned, and I've learned. I've been on my knees, I've cried. I've biked until I just don't think I can anymore. I've bandaged blisters, and have laughed until I've been sure I've gained a six pack. I've loved, and loved even more. But most importantly, I've seen.

I've seen relief in the eyes of the lost. I've seen hope in the hearts of the fallen. I've seen gratitude in the lives of the clean. I've seen desire in the soul of the growing. And I've seen harden hearts soften, testimonies grown, foundations built, and faith planted.

This week has brought experiences that will forever be dearly cherished in my heart. Experiences that have changed my life, and have changed the lives of others.

Archie. Archie has been talked to about the gospel for over ten years. His home teachers have worked with him, his sweet wife has been a faithful member and huge example and influence in his life, he's met with missionaries before, but never would accept the gospel. He always felt like he was being pushed, and he wanted it to be his decision. We received a miracle from our sweet Heavenly Father when we went over to introduce Archie to Sister Rohwer. Instantly, his countenance changed. We have now been able to meet with him multiple times, he's come to church the past three weeks, stayed for a pot luck, and has let his desire grow. Yesterday, Sister Rohwer and I went over for a lesson with them after church. We recapped the Restoration by watching the Restoration DVD with him. Not only was I able to witness Archie gain a testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, but my testimony grew ten fold. As I sat on the floor, I watched Archie watch the movie. Tears filled my eyes as I saw his heart soften, as I saw him understand. I saw him feel the spirit, and my heart was so full. We had a very neat lesson with him. He is now working on keeping the Word of Wisdom, and will be baptized on March 14h! He told us yesterday, and told his home teacher yesterday at church, that he has been waiting for Sister Rohwer and I. We love him more than words could say, and have thanked our Heavenly Father every day for trusting US to help him.

I am SO grateful. So grateful for the miracles I've seen, and for the tender mercies that I've received. I'm grateful for the Atonement, for the beautiful strength and healing it brings me, and for the hope it brings to the people I am surrounded with. I'm grateful for my adorable companion. We've shed many tears together this week with full hearts and admiration for those we've been working with. I've really strived to apply Omni 1:26 into my missionary work, and be a consecrated servant of the Lord. I encourage you to do the same, and apply it to YOU!

Also, update on cute little Jazzanae! Her baptism has been moved to April, due to family complications. We are bummed about it, but she's still rockin the gospel!

I love being a missionary!
Sister Holmes
ps- I tried sushi for the first time this week. NEVER AGAIN. haha

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