Wk #26: Blink, and it's gone!

This week was a total blur! I'm pretty sure I blinked and it was gone! I DON'T LIKE IT!

This week:

-I realized my fear of lizards.
-I learned to never to open the back door at night for more than 3 seconds.
-I learned that lizards are fast.
-I was hit on by a creepy, old, toothless man.
-I ate the worst baked beans of my life.
-I made 20+ U-turns in under an hour.
-I taught a lesson in a hotel room.
-I saw three wigs on the side of the road piled together.
-I got the blood of Archie in my study journal. So gross.
-I caught a glimpse of what pure humidity actually is ( H E L P )

On a more serious note:

-I watched Archie walk into Sacrament Meeting with a suit coat on (this is HUGE. he wears jeans and a plaid button up shirt every week) with his TITHING in his pocket! He also told us during the week that he loves taking the sacrament and missed it during conference!
-I witnessed a family recognize us as representatives of our Savior and desire to learn about the gospel.
-I had my testimony strengthened ten fold on being lead by the spirit.
-I listened to the testimony of little Jazzanae and realized how beyond ready she is for baptism. (April 21st is the big day!)
-I attended our Zone Training and was spiritually fed and learned so, so much. *I'M SURROUNDED BY INCREDIBLE MISSIONARIES.
-Sister Rohwer and I were able to teach about the "Basics" of the gospel at our Wednesday night scripture study. And as we taught, the spirit testified to me SO strongly of the truthfulness of this gospel!

     B- Build Your Foundation
     A- Anchored in Faith
     S- Study the Scriptures
      I- Illuminate the Light of Christ
     C- Christlike Attributes
     S- Sabbath Day Holy

- I was able to witness a continued lifestyle change with our investigator Walt as we taught about the Word of Wisdom. He already had been working on it!
-I once again realized how INCREDIBLY blessed I am to have Sister Rohwer as my companion. I can't say it enough.

This week I've been working on the council given by Elder Bednar during conference to "hush your fears." How many things hold us back from fulfilling the potential that we have? How many times do we walk away from something and think that we should have done something different. How many times do we become trapped with fear? Elder Bednar went on to say that faith and hope invite peace. We must look to Christ, build our foundation on Christ, and press forward with faith in Christ. Our hearts need not to be troubled nor feared, for the Lord our God is on our side! We must always put our shoulder to the wheel, and push along.

Love ya'll!
Sister Holmes

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