Wk #25: The Happiest of Easters!

Callaway, Florida, being a Sister Missionary, Having the best companion, General Conference AND Easter all combined = An extremely memorable weekend. :)

This last week was so great! We have a new finding tool that President Smith has been strongly encouraging us to use, which is a survey about Family History and Religion. Sister Rohwer and I decided to dedicate an hour to it everyday, and boy has our dedication paid off! We were able to have extremely strong testimony building experiences, learning opportunities, and NEW INVESTIGATORS! You combine all that with singing opera primary songs at the top of your lungs while riding bikes, and I'd call that a successful week!

We were able to watch conference at some members homes both Saturday and Sunday. Sister Rohwer and I sat there with our jaws dropped as each talk ended. 95% of them described the situations we had been in the last three weeks. Questions and confusions and misunderstandings about Adam and Eve? That has interestingly been our life that past couple weeks. We have come across MANY people who have ended up bashing on Adam and Eve and strongly changing the doctrine clearly stated in the bible. Also, all the talks about families and the Atonement? Once again, many teaching opportunities having to do with exactly that. It's fascinating how truly inspired these leaders of the church are! Not only that, but many, many questions were answered that I had prayerfully considered. OH, HOW I LOVE CONFERENCE!
It was definitely an incredible experience to be watching it from across the country, set apart as a missionary. There was a different spirit about it that I will never be able to deny or forget. I am so grateful I chose and was called to serve!

Easter was also great. :) We were able to spend it with member's and their families during Conference, then out teaching and contacting the rest of the night. And yes, the Easter Bunny DEFINITELY found us. haha we got a little spoiled.

I just want to end by quoting our beloved Prophet. “We are engaged in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he concluded. “Let us learn of Him. Let us follow in His footsteps. Let us live by His precepts.” Each talk focused on the BASICS of the gospel. Out in the field we teach people about spiritual CPR. Church, Pray, Read. Follow in the Saviors footsteps diligently. Attend your church meetings, the temple, and activities. Pray ALWAYS. Strengthen that precious relationship with your Father in Heaven. Read your scriptures. Study them. LOVE them. I can promise you that as you do these small and simple things, individually AND as a family, great things will surely come to pass. (Alma 37:6) We are in a great battle. We know who will win, but we have to do everything we can to get there.

I love you all!

Sister Holmes :)

Ps- Happy Easter from Sister Rohwer and I! :)
Too much Easter sugar... (backseat: l-r; Sis Nichols, from momma's lil hometown & Sis Jensen)

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