Week #6: I made it to the bathroom... a couple of times...

 Wade Holmes family and Scott Holmes family - you will appreciate this email title... but before I get into THAT...
HAPPY 1 MONTH TO ME! Can you believe I've been out a month and 2 days already?! I can't! Time is flyin! 

Dad, I got your package on Saturday... THANK YOU! It was like Christmas morning. haha I told Sister Charles, "I bet there are gold fish in here..." I was right :) so thank you thank you.
This week has been..... quite interesting. 
We had Zone Training which was so much fun. I was able to see a few of my Elders from the MTC and catch up with them which was so great! Plus, I learned so much. It was such a great experience. Then after training, a group of us sisters went out to lunch! I was excited until I realized where we were going... lo and behold, I tried Vietnamese food. haha nnoott my fave. The noodles were weird as crap, and the sauce I found out was Fish Sauce. Whatever the heck that means. But I was a big girl and tried it, and ate... most of it. 
I gained the nickname of Agatha out here from one of the member familes. I was like Agatha?! Why Agatha? He said "Because you just look like a little Agatha!" I laughed. Who comes up with a name like that?! The Moya's are an amazing family though. They have two little girls and they are the SWEETEST. They are 4 and 6 and the cutest little girls ever. They are one of my favorite families out here.
We were out biking around, talking to people the other day and came upon a man named Walter. He was super friendly, fun to talk to, and super interesting. As we were talking to him, he let us know that he knew a lot about our church, had a Book of Mormon, and had talked to many missionaries before. He wasn't interested in learning more, but this is what he said to us. "Don't you give up. People need you, they really do. You guys are doing amazing things whether you realize it or not. Your job isn't easy, but keep your head up. You keep going. You are bringing happiness to so many lives." He told us these things for a good 5 minutes, and it was just what I needed to hear. He was so awesome and I just love him. He told us to come back and say hi anytime. :) 
Speaking of biking.... it happened. We got caught in a rain storm! We were SOAKED when we got home and had a whoppin 20 minutes to dry off, change, and get re-ready for our dinner appointment. I had been nauseous all day, so I was trying to keep my mind off of that and be ready on time. 
(Scott and Wade Family... get ready... haha)
So we are driving to a recent converts house for dinner. We LOVE them and have eaten there before, and teach them every week. They live about 25-30 minutes away. So we're driving, and I am getting sicker and sicker. I'm praying the entire way there that I will be able to make it through dinner and the lesson before I get sick. So, we get there, sit down to eat, and I knew I was going to struggle. She had made green chili chicken enchiladas and just the smell was making me sick. I usually love enchiladas, and they tasted pretty good, but with every bite I was like oh no... oh no. D (the lady) turned and asked me if I didn't like it, and I felt so bad, but I told her that I just wasn't feeling well. She understood. Well THEN, she brings out the pumpkin pie. Yay! Right? Not this time. It didn't look like normal pumpkin pie (is it supposed to be greenish??) and it was warm. I had asked for a sliver but she so kindly gave me a normal piece. I took a few bites and just couldn't do it. I was SO sick. 

We went into the living room to teach them the lesson, and I went to the bathroom. Yep. Kneeling over the toilet praying that I would at least make it until the other Sisters came to pick us up. I felt a little better, so I went back out. We were teaching W. about the Priesthood, but I honestly couldn't tell ya what was even said. I was so focused on not throwing up. Well we waited and waited for the sisters to get there and finally we called them to see where they were. They were doing exchanges and hadn't even left yet... they were going to be another 30-45 minutes. I instantly panicked. There was no way I could make it that long. I was sweating, light headed, and it was no bueno. I turned to Sister Charles and suggested that we call a member that lived close by to see if she could pick us up. She handed me the phone and told me to call, 
so I took it, went into the kitchen and sat on the chair where I could still see her. 
I call... "Hi Sister L., it's the sisters. We have a huge favor to ask!" Right then, my hand flew up to my mouth and I looked at Sister Charles. Uh oh. and then... out of no where... BOOM. I was throwing up. I ran to the kitchen sink, all while Sister L is on the other end of the line "What's going on?! Are you girls okay?! Hello?? HELLO? What's happening!" I couldn't answer her because I was a little... preoccupied... and in my head I was yelling to Sister Charles to come take the phone. She finally did, gave Sister L the address that we were at, I finished my loving throwing up, turned around, and I about died. I had pulled a Hunter. I left a lovely trail of throw up across their ENTIRE KITCHEN. I. Was. MORTIFIED. It was all over their floor, their sink, in my shoe, all over my top. You guys. Most embarrassing moment of my life. And that's saying something! I told them I would clean it up (they are old. W is 83...) so they gave me the rags, and there I was. Scrubbing my own throw up off of the member's kitchen floor. Gosh. haha I cleaned it all up, mopped, and apologized at least a dozen times. I felt so bad. They felt bad that I was sick. I wanted to run far away from there. Luckily, Sister L had just showed up, so we said our goodbyes, I left a few more apologies, and headed out to the truck. We get out there and told Sister L what had happened, and she was beyond relieved. "Well, I brought my gun just in case! The safety is off and everything! I was ready for whatever ya'll needed!" We laughed so hard. haha Poor Sister L. 
We got home, I put my clothes in the washer, took a shower, and just sat on the floor almost in tears and also laughing that that had actually just happened. I had just thrown up ALL OVER their kitchen. What the heck. 
Sister Charles also got the bug and we were both up all night long. We didn't go to church yesterday, and the Elders offered to come give us blessings. So they did, and we both woke up this morning feeling much better. Still a little iffy, but we can actually get out and do stuff today. 
But yeah. So that happened on my 1 month mark day. hahaha MY LIFE. I keep telling Sister Charles that I'm pretty sure W & D are never going to feed us again. 
Anyway, on a different note, IT HIT 33* THIS WEEK. I thought Florida was supposed to be warm?! What the crap! Whoever said it doesn't get cold here (cough cough DAD) doesn't know what they are talking about! ;) 
It's been a good week, and even though I've been sick like my entire mission so far, "bringing souls unto Christ is never too demanding." 
My favorite scripture this week is Ether 12:6. After your trials, the long bumpy roads, and the disappointment, THEN you will see the blessings. Keep the faith and the blessings will follow.

Also, there are churches on every corner here, and on one of the signs it said "7 days without God makes 1 weak." I loved that. Always keep God near, turn to him in happy time and times of trial. Get to know him, and let him into your heart.
I love you all! I appreciate all the prayers and support on my behalf. I definitely feel them. I wouldn't be here without you. And thanks for the letters! Keep 'em comin! 
Love from the South,
Sister Holmes :)

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