Week #10: A Christmas Surprise

Before I begin, here's another ginormous THANK YOU to all those who have sent me Christmas cards, letters, and packages! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! It makes my heart so happy! I have the best family/friends around. Thank you!
So this week was good! We had a district activity on Tuesday and we played football! It was so much fun. Am I coordinated? No. Am I out of shape? Yes. But it was a good time! We did white elephant gifts and I ended up with a manicure set and a doo-rag. haha 
We had a lot of great lessons this week, and ended up getting a bunch of referrals, so we are super excited about that! We're making progress on some of the people we are working with
 and it's so great. The work is a little slow, but it's picking up.

Our house right now is full of yummy Christmas treats... and my self control is zero... but who cares! it's the holidays, right?! 
We went caroling last night with some ward members and it was a ton of fun, we visited a lot of the people we are working with and went back to the church for hot chocolate and cookies. It was rainy rainy, but lots of fun! 
Now for the Christmas surprise.... Friday night we get a call from President Smith. (insert heart drop.) The first thing he says is "How are you and Sister Charles getting along?" What the! So we said good... THEN! He begins to tell us that there are two super awesome sisters that need some help, and asked me how I would feel about being transferred and TRAINING one of them! I about DIED! I'm not even finished with my training yet! So he said he would get back to us Saturday with the final decision, he just wanted to give us a heads up. So we exchanged Christmas gifts Friday night, not knowing what was going to happen. Saturday rolls around and I am dyin all morning. We finally talked to President and he told us that Sister Charles will be the one to transfer and train, and I'll stay here in Callaway and work with the other sister! PHEW! haha So I'll finish my 12 week training here, but train the new sister around the area. So it should be interesting! Sister Charles heads out to Pensacola tomorrow, and Sister Rohwer is coming back with me! She's from Logan, Utah! So that's awesome. I have talked to her on the phone a few times and she sounds like such a sweet heart. It's so crazy that it's all happening the day before Christmas Eve, but I'm so excited and it'll be a good change!
Not much else to report on this week, but I want to leave you with one of my absolute favorite scriptures! It's 3 Nephi 13:21. GO FIND YOUR TREASURE!! :)
I hope you all have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! I can't believe it's already here! I love you all and pray for you all everyday!

Sister Holmes

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