Week #14: I Shook The Hand of an APOSTLE.‏

The MTC girls together again (L-R; Sister Holmes, Sister Brown, Sister Beal, Sister Christiansen)
The Plain City Crew (L-R; Elder Parkinson, Sister Holmes, Elder Bradford)
Well hello there! WHAT A WEEK! We had the absolutely incredible opportunity to have a mission conference with Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve! President and Sister Smith were able to make it work so that the ENTIRE mission could meet together for this. Such a huge deal! We had the opportunity to meet Elder Anderson and shake his hand. Whoa. Let me tell ya. The spirit when he walked into the room sky rocketed. Instant tears on my end. Then when I got to meet him, I just wanted to hug him so bad! He truly is a man called of God. What an awesome experience! We got to sing our mission song to him (which holy emotions all over again because there were 200+ missionaries singing it for an apostle!) and then we got to hear from President and Sister Smith, then Elder Anderson and his adorable wife. Also, Mark Goldsteen (springsteen? crap. I forgot his name already) anyway, an AMAZING pianist played all the prelude, hymns and mission song for us! SO. COOL.
A fellow class of 2012 Silverwolf, Elder Smith
It was fun to have the whole mission together! I got to see all my MTC family and catch up with them, then I also saw Elder Bradford and Elder Parkinson(?) (crap.. I've already forgotten his name too!)  We of course had to take a Plain City picture. So crazy. haha I also ran into Elder Smith (Collin Smith) who I graduated with! What the! It was so fun. I especially loved seeing my girls!
So to make this even better, Elder Anderson came to the Panama City Stake and did a devotional. So I got to hear from him and be in his presence TWICE! He's amazing and I learned SO much. I was on a spiritual high for ddaayyss.
We had two investigators come to church, so that was ssaawweeet! We are still working with Valerie, and hoping to set a baptism date with her tomorrow! Peter is doing so well! He definitely feels the adversary working on him, but we have faith that things will work out! He is from Egypt, so Sister Rohwer and I surprised him with an Arabic Book of Mormon. He LOVED it!!! He was so so grateful. So that was a cool experience!
It was quite the week! I may or may not have had some mini meltdowns, BUT my sweet Savior pulled me through every time.
Just like I knew He would. :)
I'll leave you with one thing that really stood out to me as I listened to Elder Anderson. "Lift your face, and lift your faith."  Always look up to the Savior for comfort, for guidance, for happy times and bad times. Lift your faith and rise up to the
potential you are divinely destined with!

I love you all, and I feel your prayers every minute of the day. Thank you for ALL the support!!!
LOVE: Sister Holmes :)

Nobody's home... Was told an investigator lived here. Good new is no one lives here.
Frozen Yogurt for dinner!
Amazing friends and companions. An instant connection.

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