Week #12: Here's To a NEW YEAR!‏

Hello people of 2015! Holy weird! I hope everyone brought in the new year with some fun! I sure did... if you consider bringing in the new year at 10:30 pm! ;) Oh the missionary life. Gotta love it! Oh, and I guess it's a southern tradition to eat greens and peas for good luck on new years day. Collard greens = THE WORST THING OF MY LIFE. Did I gag? The worst I've ever gagged before! Did I throw up just a little bit? You better believe it. haha SO. BAD. But, I swallowed, and got my good luck for the year!

This week has been one full of hard, exhausting, frustrating work. But also one of tender mercies and blessings. Sister Rohwer and I have been working hard to get to know the area and contact ALL of our potential investigator / former investigator list. It's quite the task, let me tell ya. We haven't had much success, but we've been able to update the lists, and we're still trying. We did however gain a new investigator! WHOO! Her name is Shannon, and she was a referral from a returning member! She has seen the difference and blessings that the gospel has brought to Muriah's (the returning member) life. She wants to go to church, and she is super awesome. We are so excited to work with her! We also found a potential that we are hoping works out! After a long, long, long, long what felt like unsuccessful day, we decided to run into a gas station to see if we could talk to someone there. There was absolutely no one. As we turned around, the cashier began talking to us and asking us questions. He thought we sold insurance. haha So we grabbed two drinks, went and bought them, and come to find out, he just moved here! His name is Peter, and he is probably in his 20's. We told him that we are missionaries, and he seemed super interested. He wanted to come to church on Sunday, so we gave him the address and our number in case he got lost. Unfortunately, the weather prevented him from coming (talk about waking up to a hurricane yesterday!) so we were super bummed. BUT! We have a church tour with him this week, so we are so so excited! Valerie still is planning on getting baptized, but her date has been pushed back just a little. We are working real hard to help her get there, and we know she will. She is so amazing, and such a beautiful daughter of Heavenly Father!

I've had the worst luck this week. haha my scriptures have flown off my bike handle, I've fallen off my bike, I've had dog poop flipped up on me from my bike tires, I've tripped on my bike, I dropped my jacket on the street and had to bike back to get it, I've made about a million and a half u-turns because I'm not smart enough to follow the gps we have and I hit my funny bone so hard that I have a bruise! haha Sister Rohwer has been cracking up (so have I) at how much these dumb things happen to me. haha Welcome to my life I guess! It's been fun, and my cheeks have hurt so bad from laughing.

Well, I love you all. The mission life is the best life, and I am so grateful for the letters and love and support I have received out here! I couldn't be more blessed.

As you begin this new year, make a goal that will spiritually help you progress and grow! Stretch yourselves to higher ground, continue to reach that potential that Heavenly Father has for you. Never give up, never back down. And know that no matter how steep the hill of turmoil and strife are, your Savior Jesus Christ is two steps ahead of you pulling you along. If you give it your all, he will carry you to the divine end of your journey.

Happy 2015! And 23 days til ma birthday! But whose counting ;)

Shishta Holmes :)

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