Wk #30: Campus Life = The Hot Life

Greetings from FSU!

This area has been quite an adjustment for me! But a super awesome one at that. It's a HUGE difference from Callaway, but I'm gettin the hang of it, and loving every second of it!

We walk, and we walk, and we walk, and we WALK! It's awesome. And we sweat. A LOT. Right now campus is really slow because summer semester doesn't start until Monday, but we've been able to meet some pretty interesting people. As a matter of fact, yesterday we met a guy who meditates naked in the sun for two hours everyday, and wanted to know if he could use the roof of the church! Gotta love college students! I also ate a black bean burger for the first and hopefully last time. Vegetarian food anyone?

I've definitely grown a lot this past week. There have been some pretty long, hot, frustrating moments, but I work alongside awesome sisters. Sister Mathison LOVES to remind us to drink water. She drinks more water than anyone I have ever met. So that's super good for me haha
We are still just trying to find people to teach. It's a slow process, but you've gotta find to teach! So that's what we'll do! There isn't a ton to update on today. I have a blister the size of two quarters on the bottom of my foot! So I've been grateful I wasn't a pioneer!

Love ya'll! and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the pretty momma's out there! Especially mine! ;)
Love from a Seminole,
Sister Holmes

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