Wk# 31: The Week Full of the Unexpected!

Still the happiest sister in the south during the this week full of the unexpected!
Man. Heaven bless the creators of Skype! Technology these days is a huge blessing! It was SO good to see everyone. Goodbye's are the worst, but it was definitely much needed!

This week was full of unexpected lessons, new investigators, procedures, and rain!

Summer semester at FSU started on Monday, so there were FINALLY people walking around campus! It made the days go by much quicker. We were able to meet so many awesome people. There were so many who were receptive to the message! Huge blessing.

We were able to meet with 5 recent convert/ less actives this week which was super awesome, and I love them all! This ward rocks. Gotta love the singles ward!

As we were out contacting this week, we came across a man waiting at the bus stop. We talked to him for a little bit and asked if he had ever seen missionaries before. After he had replied with no, we shared a short message with him and asked him if we could set up a time to meet with him. He responded with "How about right now?" OKAY! As we taught the Restoration the spirit was so strong and he had incredible questions that were leading into the Plan of Salvation. We ended up setting a return appointment and are meeting with him next week. Heavenly Father is definitely preparing people to receive the gospel, and that was made extremely clear to me through multiple experiences this week!

We also had an appointment with a guy that we had contacted on the street. We weren't sure how solid he was, but to our happy surprise he came to the appointment and even brought a friend! We had a very powerful lesson and they both wanted to keep learning. It was a huge blessing! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

As we have walked, and walked, and walked...... and walked... and walked... I have acquired a beautiful blister covering my entire heel on the bottom of my foot! So, I promised mom I would go get it looked at because it was looking like it was getting infected. So, I did just that. Called the mission nurse, tried a few at home remedy's that didn't work, and ended up going to the doctor. I was quite anxious to go since the receptionist was a little on the unkind side over the phone, but I was a big girl and went anyway. The doctor was SO nice and I'm 98% sure he was a member, but he surprised me with the sentence "Looks like we're going to do a little procedure today!" WHAT THE! So, I went with it and ended up having a chunk of my heel cut off! haha then the nurse asked me if I wanted to keep it... I said yes.... haha so that's what the picture is. Me holding a little cup with my heel in it! Okay, it's just a thick slab of skin, but ya know. My comps and the doctor thought I was so weird, but I know mom would be proud! ;) It actually feels a lot better though. I'm just trying to be careful so I don't create another blister on top of the raw skin.

We also had a massive rainstorm this week and got DRENCHED. Lovin the southern rain!

We had Zone Conference yesterday, and it was the spiritual push I needed this week. I LOVE PRESIDENT AND SISTER SMITH. What incredibly Christlike people they are! I learned so much and left spiritually filled. We also talked about hurricane prep which terrified me out of my mind. so that was fun.

To end, here are some thoughts I've pondered this past week.

So often we find ourselves unhappy. Unhappy in some aspect of our life, whether it be ourselves, those we love, our circumstances, or our unaccomplished tasks. We find ourselves wishing for the better, hoping for a difference and pondering on the sorrow. Why? Why do we dwell on those things that weigh us down, those things that pain our hearts? "Keep your faith high and your head up!" Take a deep breath and look up. Look at the tender mercies Heavenly Father continually places in your path. Look at the blessings that have come from the things that you DO have. We have been blessed with the knowledge and tools to be happy. Pick up the Book of Mormon, pick up your journal, and let the spirit fill your soul with everlasting happiness. See the good in all. Find the happiness hidden under frustration, and "let that desire work in you." It is through our Savior, and our Savior only that peace can come. Forgive those around you and forgive yourself. Start today with the decision to love, to live, and to go forward.

I love you all!

Sister Holmes :)

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