Wk #32: S E V E N

Seven months. Where did that go?!

 This week was so great... as usual. :)

--> We taught a super awesome guy (we will call him "A" for short!) A is a rugby player at FSU. We contacted him and two of his friends while walking around campus one day. WE stopped them from their run and invited them to learn more about the gospel. A seemed super interested, so we called him and set up an appointment. We taught him the Restoration, and it was AWESOME. He accepted everything and the spirit was super strong. Well, he left and we were talking about how the lesson had went when all of the sudden he walks back into the Institute. The first thing out of his mouth was, "Um... do ya'll tow cars?" We were like, huh?! HIS CAR GOT TOWED FROM THE CHURCH! haha Talk about panic. So, we called the senior couple that works in the institute, and luckily they saved the day, but we definitely had some "bonding" moments with him that day, BUT he was totally awesome about it and was excited to see us again. YAY!!!

-->Sadly, we had to say goodbye to cute Sister Mathison! Poor girl did NOT want to go home! But, we were able to go out to dinner with President and Sister Smith on Tuesday night (where I tried calamari... and it wasn't too bad!!) We spent the evening with them, then said our sad goodbyes to Sister Mathison. 

-->We walked for H O U R S around campus this week, and met some pretty awesome people that we are excited to contact and teach! 

-->We also taught an atheist. First time for both of us! AHH. I have never been so grateful for the spirit in a lesson! I also have never been so grateful for the Book of Mormon. We're praying the spirit touches his heart!

-->We ate lunch at the COOLEST place on campus called the Sweet Shop. I had the best PB&J croissant in the world! SO so fun. I LOVE CAMPUS.

-->I stepped foot onto the FSU Tennis courts! My craving to hit a tennis ball has never been stronger. And it was SAWEET to be on those courts!

--> Sister Rindlisbacher and I laughed so hard yesterday that I almost had to lay down on the sidewalk because I couldn't breath. haha I've been blessed with awesome companions.

-->Speaking of companions... We're getting a part time comp! So it'll be a part time trio! say WHAT! SO.... A sister from Carro, Georgia left for her mission (Idaho), but had to come home from the MTC for some medical issues. So, President Burton, the stake president, called President Smith and told him that he really wants to keep this sister involved with the missionaries as she goes through her doctor's appointments and gets that figured out. So we get a call from President Smith (panic moment) and he told us that he has felt very strongly that she needs to be with Sister Rindlisbacher and I. 

      Out of all the sisters in the mission, I am SO honored that Heavenly Father and President Smith trust us to help this sweet sister! She will be staying with us a couple days/nights a week and being a third companion! Then the days that she isn't with us it'll just be Sister Rindlisbacher and I. I am now training two cute sisters! YAY! 

-->Update on my feet: They are good :) Modern day medicine is a HUGE blessing! 

-->Also, it reached 98* this week with humidity... and it's only May.. H E L P (written on a car window by a not so excited sister...)

I have felt so much happiness this past week, and I am so grateful for that. A lot of people email me and say, "Sister Holmes! How are you doing?! How are you REALLY doing. I know missionary work can be hard, and I want you to know that I am here for you. It's not always the funnest thing." And different variations of that. For those emails I am EXTREMELY grateful. More than words could ever say. And yes, while it's not always easy, when it's hot and I'm tired, when I have a difference in opinion than my companion, when the gospel is rudely rejected, when appointments cancel, I am still SO happy. 

You are blessed!

I can honestly say that everything about missionary work right now is amazing. I am happy, I am healthy, I am great friends with Sister Rindlisbacher, and I get to share the gospel all day everyday! How much greater can life be?! 

Take today to ponder the blessings, to see a light, and to lift those around you. As you focus on someone besides yourself, your burdens will ALWAYS be lifted. 

I love you all! Thank you for all the kind emails and letters! 

Love the happiest Sister in the South,

Sister Holmes :)

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