Wk #63: A Christmas Miracle

Together again, even for just a few minutes.... Priceless. An emotional reunion.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my favorite people!!

I hope you had a wonderful, white Christmas full of happy memories and special moments. Mine wasn't white, but it sure was one I will never forget!

Thank you SO much for all the gifts and letters. I definitely felt extremely spoiled this Christmas! I am so grateful for all the love!

Family Selfie
On Christmas Eve, our zone got together and had a bonfire at the institute building and played games and cooked hot dogs! It was such a fun night! Then, Sister Evans and I woke up bright and early, (no later OR earlier than 6:30 I assure you...) and opened our awesome presents! We each took a turn and watched each other open the gifts. It was SUCH a good morning! We studied, read about the birth of Christ in Jesus the Christ by Talmage during Comp study, then headed out to breakfast! The Dalley's (the senior couple here) made all of our district breakfast and then we spent the day playing ping pong and foosball and scrud and lots of fun things! We weren't expected to proselyte (plus there was NO one here in college town to talk to) so we got to just play all day long! It was awesome. I then got to skype the fam bam which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I was so happy to see everyone. 

It was then that I received my Christmas miracle. The last I had heard was that Cade was supposed to skype home at 11, so I knew we weren't going to be able to talk at all, which I was super bummed about. So when I skyped into mom and dad, they were skyping with cade! We couldn't get a three way to work, so Cade finished up with the fam, and then called  me and we got to skype with each other. Words cannot express the happiness and gratitude that filled my soul. It was the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received. It was such a tender moment as we talked about our missions and the things we are going through. I am so proud of Elder Holmes, and am extremely grateful for the relationship I have with him. Heavenly Father knew that we needed to see each other, and a way was provided. Like I say every mother's day and Christmas, HEAVEN BLESS THE CREATOR OF SKYPE. It is such a tender blessing!!

Later last night we went to the Bacon's for Christmas dinner, which was delicious. I may or may not have eaten like seven rolls... We had so much fun! Tira is off to Utah for school, so it was super sad to say by, but I'm so excited that she's going to MY home! whoo hoo! I love her.

It was definitely a great week filled with unforgettable moments. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to spend the Christmas season here in the Florida Tallahassee Mission. I have come to understand and appreciate Christmas on a much deeper level. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent us a Savior. He didn't just send a Savior, He sent a Teacher, an Example, a Friend, a Brother, His Son, a Healer, and a Light. I'm grateful that the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Christ, that we become unified if only for a small moment of the year. I'm grateful for the prayers and the support that ya'll give me time and time again. There is NO where I would rather be right now!

I hope this week, and this new year brings blessings to recognize, and happiness to carry you through. 

All my love, 

Sister Holmes

ps- ignore the crying eyes on both sides. haha LOVE THIS ELDER.


Christmas Jammies
Spoiled girl!
Christmas Eve
Don't mess with us!

Keepin the tradition going. Ugly Christmas morning pic for life.

Elder Grandpa Dalley
Sister Grandma Dalley
Sister Hall
Sister Vailea from Tonga! Love the face Sister Hall!
Christmas is tiring! Naptime with Maleek...

This weather though....
Just keeps getting hotter!
Merry Christmas everyone!



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