Today I experienced one of the most joyous baptisms of my LIFE. Curel and Derrick were the happiest people in the universe! The program was beautiful, the spirit was so strong, and their mom was able to make it! They asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, so I was super happy to do that. Poor Curel had to be baptized 5 times because the water had drained a little bit and his pant leg kept floating up, be he finally got in there! Derrick was really grateful that he went second because he only had to do it once. :) They bore their testimonies, and their mom (who is a non member) even got up and said "maybe I'll be baptized next!" WHAT! She's so sweet. It was seriously one of the most powerful spirits I have felt on my entire mission. Curel was sobbing tears of joy in his testimony. The power of conversion and the Atonement is so real. Sometimes we experience so much joy that only tears can express that. Me included. :) not to mention we had SO much support from our ward there! So good. 

This week was phenomenal. We set TWO more baptismal dates!! Berkley is still on for next Saturday, and she is growing SO much! She is absolutely perfect. Then we have Hunter, Willie and Christopher scheduled for March 12th!!! I am extremely grateful. We are being incredibly blessed right now, and I truly know with all that I am that "the field is white already to harvest..." Sister Evans and I are continually doubling our efforts, and seeing the blessings. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing, and I know that Heavenly Father is helping us along the way! I am inexpressibly

To make the week even better, Derek Terry is getting the Priesthood tomorrow!!!! AH! Tons of excitement happening! He is incredible. He is the most stunning member missionary I have ever met. OH! And his mormon.org profile is up!!! check it out!!! https://www.mormon.org/me/J6MC/DerekTerry

We also had MLC this week which was out of this world. I was so overwhelmed with the spirit and a new fire to work! It was inspiring and life changing. How grateful I am to have the privilege of attending MLC! The weather was pretty nasty as I was driving, but we made it safe and had lots of fun adventures! 

I love it here so much. I have never felt so much love in my entire life, and it's the happiest feeling in the world. 

I am so grateful for this gospel. Nothing has brought me more peace and purpose. I know who I am, and I know why I was sent here. These people I have met on my mission have changed my life exponentially more than I could ever change theirs. I'm grateful for the call to Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts, and Connect Generations. It's the greatest mission for this life, and it's the most joyful learning experience ever to be had. 

I love you all so MUCH!


Sister Holmes


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