Wk #71: It's a BRIGHT SUNSHINY day!

Lexa with Sis Rianne Saunders, a friend of Cade's from home! Welcome to FTM!
Today here in the sunny florida it is 82*! What happened to winter or spring?! I'm worried we have skipped both of those seasons! But, I'm not complaining. It's such a nice day! 

It was transfer week and.... I'M STAYING ON TCC! You guys. this was a moment full of happy happy HAPPY tears! I LOVE THIS PLACE. This will be Sister Evans and I's 4th transfer together! We can't believe it! We are each other's longest companions. I am SO grateful.

Lloyd and Derek
We had a pretty crazy week, lots of driving to help with transfers, but it was a good week. We had some crazy awesome lessons with a ton of our less actives! REACTIVATION here we come! SO many of them are progressing so quickly. It's the same excitement as a baptism! I love these people!!! 

A highlight of my week was while we were driving, we stopped at a stop light. Out of the corner of my eye I could see this older man staring at me. So I made sure to not make eye contact. Well, I accidentally did and noticed a little six year old in the back of the car also staring at me! I rolled down my window at their request and the older gentleman said "My little kiddie here thinks you are HOT! He was too shy to say anything to you though!" I just laughed and said hi to the little boy, then the light turned green and the little boy yelled "You are SOOO PRETTY!" haha made my entire day. 

Not too much to report on this week. 

Hunter and Willie are still on schedule to be baptized March 12th, so we are getting pretty excited for that! 

So many good things are happening over here. 

"The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice."
—Neil L. Andersen

Love you all!

Sister Holmes

picture- this is Sister Saunders from HOME! Cade's really good friend! So happy she is here!

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