WK #73: H E L L O :)

Letter from Elder Holmes!
Happy Saturday!

It's been a great yet extremely tiring week! We have been so busy that I'm pretty sure I have lost all but one of my marbles. 

We had MLC this week, and as always, I loved every second of it. The training's were prime. Sister Evans and I lucked out and didn't have to train this time around! So we got to sit back and soak it all in, which I was really grateful for. We had the privilege of watching the new Easter initiative, and you guys. It is SO good. I am so excited for ya'll to see it!! 

The Milton Sisters (Sister Brown, Sister Willis and Sister Carter) came down to Tallahassee after MLC for an exchange, and it was SO much fun! It was so good being comps with Sister Brown for a little bit. I have missed her, and it was so fun to reminisce on good ole MTC days. 

We saw SO many miracles on our exchange. We met some super prepared people, and derek has such an incredible missionary. He is doing SO well, and I couldn't be happier. AH! HE IS PERFECT!!! 

We are teaching a guy named Melvin, who is from India, and he is HILARIOUS. He has the coolest story in the world and is sincerely seeking for the truth. He stayed with a Mormon host family in Utah, and went to church and Temple Square, talked with missionaries there, then came here and found us! He has an incredible story and we are praying that he receives and answer to his prayers that THIS church is true!! He leaves for India in two weeks and we are really bummed about it. 

Also, as we were teaching Melvin, we were sitting outside of a grocery store on some tables, and this homeless man with a shopping cart walks up and starts staring at us. So we stop talking and ask if we can help him. He goes on to tell us a TON of false doctrine and really out there stuff while yelling, and proceeds to tell us that we are preaching lies to a world that doesn't even care. It was quite the experience! After he walked away, Melvin says "What was he talking about?! He has lost his mind!" hahaha we all just laughed and talked about how important it is to pray to know the truth. Oh, the joys of a mission!


I'll end with this experience. Last night was really hard, harder than usual. As I was saying my prayers I asked Heavenly Father for an extra portion of strength to overcome how I was feeling. I was overwhelmed by the spirit of Elijah and I know with everything that I am that Grandma Dixie was kneeling right beside me giving me a hug. The power of the other side of the veil is real. Heavenly Father  is so aware of us and knows exactly what we need. He loves us. He loves us so much! 

I love this gospel. I am so grateful to be serving a mission. 

Hope ya'll have a wonderful week! 

Sister Holmes

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