Wk #78: M I L T O N

Alexa and Sister Carter
Wow. What a week it has been!

Last weekend was B-R-U-T-A-L. There were three days worth of goodbyes to my Tallahassee family, and that was not fun! I'm surprised our apartment didn't flood with tears! But, we'll be together again soon. :)

For my last P-day in Tally we went biking with Lloyd through the most BEAUTIFUL trail. It was breathtaking! I was bummed that I had been there a year and just BARELY found it! It was such an adventure and definitely needed! We even got to witness an alligator jump into the water from an island! it was ginormous! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Saying goodbye to Sister Evans
I also came to the terrible realization that I have accumulated SO MUCH CRAP over the last year. haha packing was a joke. But I did pretty good at squeezing it all into my three suitcases :)

Transfers were crazy, but I finally got with Sister Carter and made the few hour drive to Milton! It is so pretty here! Dad, you would like it. It's definitely country!!

Sister Carter is from California and is Polynesian! She is a total sweet heart and full of happiness. I'm excited for this transfer with her!

My first couple days here in Milton I got to pet a duck, a chicken, watched two elderly women in wheelchairs have a cat fight (terrifying and hilarious haha), had a vegetable dinner at a members home (HELP), been to some pretty country, redneck places, have had a couple little four year old boys flirt with me, and experienced a very interesting sunday school. Needless to say, there hasn't been a dull moment since I got here!

I am SO grateful to be serving a mission. Nothing has filled my heart with more light. I can never and will never deny the truthfulness of the restored gospel. Jesus Christ lives, the priesthood is on the earth today, and a great and marvelous work is in full force! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

And, of course, I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Holmes :) 
*The Tally Fam* l-r; Derrick Adams, Willie Foster, Alexa, Berkley Jones, Derek Terry, and Curel Adams

Goodbye cupcakes made by Willie
I-Jah and Curel
The insanity fun of transfer day!
P-day fun with Lloyd... just a lil bike ride
Oops... broken bike!
Total candid! Who knows?

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