Wks # 33 & 34: Two Weeks Worth of Awesome

I don't even know where to start today!!

Since our emails didn't work last week, here are the highlights of the last two weeks. And let me tell ya, they are awesome.

+While walking to go contact, we noticed Wendy's had a sign for free frosty's... HELLO FREE FROSTY! What better way to celebrate memorial day than with free ice cream?!

+We had Zone Training last week and it was so good. I love getting together with the zone. Our Zone Leaders are amazing as well. They had two recent converts from our ward come and talk to us about their conversion and answer any questions we had. I learned SO much and the spirit was so strong!

+We met a guy, Taylor, and started teaching him. He is super awesome. He is preparing to be baptized in another church right now, but we've had some pretty spiritual lessons with him, so we are praying he recognizes this as the one and only true church!

+We invited a guy to institute that we had kind of met.. (We met his mom and his mom tried to set us up on dates with her sons. Gotta love moms in the south! So we got his number and invited him to institute because he was interested in learning about the gospel...) He came. talked to us for about 3 minutes, then started scoping out the girls. Then told us he wasn't interested in learning.. or in the girls anymore. haha

+ We "met our match" this week. I still don't know what that means, and I even asked the guy that told us that what it meant, and he used some explicit language to tell us that he was really awesome, and then got EXTREMELY emotional because "this is just such a beautiful moment and I never want to let it go!" He was 59. I love being a missionary. haha

+ We taught some INCREDIBLE lessons this week! Working on campus is the best. So many prepared people. Well... so many people period! I have never loved being a missionary more. I've really started to understand how to serve here, and it is SUCH a blessing! I have learned so much. I hope I get to stay here! (Transfers are on wednesday....)

+ We got caught in the CRAZIEST THUNDERSTORM. I was terrified and loving my life all at the same time. Of course, we were walking to campus. :) I didn't know thunder could sound like it did, and it looked like we were in a hurricane. It was so awesome! Gotta love contacting in the rain! Good thing we brought an umbrella!

*** Now. I have saved the best for last, and bear with me as I tell you this story. Also, I apologize for this being a lengthy email, but this story HAS to be told, because... of course this would happen to me.

While walking around campus, we stopped to take a bathroom break in the Student Union Square. We were out contacting before our lesson that was in 30 minutes. We had used this bathroom before, and knew it was clean, so we headed inside. It is a two stall bathroom, so pretty small. We were the only two people in there and we didn't want to bring all of our things into the stalls with us, so we decided to leave them on the counter. "It'll be safe, right?" As we discussed it for a second, we noticed that there was a lock on the bathroom door. I had the bright idea to lock the door so we could ensure our stuff would be okay! So, we locked it (it had been locked before on a previous day by Sister Mathison) and went on to do our business. I finished first and told Sister Rindlisbacher that I was going to unlock the door since I could see our stuff. I get to the lock and turn it... and turn it... and turn it... It wasn't unlocking. "Um... Sister Rindlisbacher?.. I think we are locked in the bathroom..." She comes out and tries to unlock it, and in a moment of panic, we realized we were trapped in a two stall bathroom. No windows, no air, and BARELY any service. We about DIED laughing. So, after moments of panic, laughing, panic, laughing, we decided to say a prayer (weirdest thing I think I have ever prayed for) and decided to call someone. Do we call 911? Do we call the other sisters? Nope.. We call a NEW INVESTIGATOR. hahaha we met him one day (by the bathrooms surprisingly) in another building. He works as a janitor! So we decide to call him, thinking "he's GOT to know someone we can call." So, we call him. "Hey Kim! So... we have a question.." As we explain our situation, I am dying. (Kim is about 50ish, and we have taught him a couple times. We had taught him an hour previous to this phone call.) We had forgotten that he was a custodian at the police department on campus until he said "Oh yeah! Hold on, I'll let you talk to the officer." So, we go on to tell the officer our situation, explained which bathroom we were in, and waited. After a good 25 minutes, (we are SWEATING. it was SO HOT.) We decided we better call our next appointment and reschedule... that was also a weird conversation. Then, lo and behold, we here keys, and see the lock turn, and there is a police officer with a huge grin on his face, just chucklin away. I have never been so grateful in my whole life! On the bright side, I found a penny on the floor of the bathroom! :) haha

talk about a "Lexa Moment!"

So, that was my couple of weeks. Hot, humid, rainy, and full of adventures!

I love my life. hahaha

I also love Sister Rindlisbacher. Her and I = pretty much the same person. haha we laugh WAY to hard. :) I've definitely been blessed once again with one of the greatest Sisters in the FTM.

I was also so sad to hear about the passing of Elder Perry. What a sweet, happy man! So, I'll leave you with his simple testimony of the Holy Ghost.

"I bear witness of the power and comfort the gift of the Holy Ghost is to those who live worthy of it. What a reassurance it is for us to know that we are not left alone to find the course that we must follow to merit the eternal blessings of our Father in Heaven. We do not need man-made rating systems to determine what we should read, what we should watch, what we should listen to, or how we should conduct our lives. What we do need to do is live worthy of the continued companionship of the Holy Ghost and have the courage to follow the promptings that come into our lives. May the Lord bless us that we may ever be mindful of this great and precious gift, even the gift of the Holy Ghost, I humbly pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen."

LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!

Sister Holmes :)

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