Wk # 47: "God has not ceased to be a God of miracles."

Happy Saturday to my favorite people!! I hope this beautiful September day is treating ya'll well!
Once again, this week was a fantastic one. And once again, it has changed my life.

On Monday we got together as a Zone and played our usual dodge ball game against the other Tally Zone, so that was super fun! (I am an absolutely horrible dodge ball player, and mostly just stand behind the elders... so it's great!) In one of the games I ended up being the last person in on my team, go figure, and actually caught the ball which meant that all my team was back in! GO ME! haha I not only surprised myself, but my whole team was shocked! it was awesome!

On Tuesday, one of our "regulars" (someone we see ALL the time on campus but isn't interested in the gospel) said to me, "Baby, you go out there and kick Satan's rear!" After a little giggle, she began telling us about an experience she had had and how much she loves Jesus, then turned to me again and said, "Baby, Jesus is smokin hot. SMOKIN HOT."  What is that even supposed to mean?! TALLAHASSEE MAN. It's another world! 

Wednesday we got to be a part of transfers! Luckily, I'm staying here on TCC with Sister Wood, but it was super fun getting to see all the changes being made throughout the mission and meeting all of the new sisters! Transfers are held in Crestview, so it was a long day of driving, but we had a really fun time. We even passed through Holmes County! 

On our way there, the bike that was hooked onto the back of our car started coming off the bike rack on the freeway, so we pulled over and I was putting it back on, and this SUPER nice guy pulled over and helped us! Faith in humanity was restored! So that was pretty exciting! He gave us three bungee cords... I don't know what we are going to do with them now, but we were super grateful!

We taught lots and lots of lessons this week, and it was super awesome. We also got a few new investigators that we are excited about! It was a really great week!

We also got to teach Dena and Hannah again this week. I'M SO OVERWHELMED WITH GRATITUDE. Those lessons are the most powerful lessons I have ever experienced. On Monday we reviewed Alma 32 with them and answered some concerns that Dena had had, but then last night we were able to teach about the Plan of Salvation. (side note: this is my favorite lesson to teach.) Dena was so sweet and offered to feed us dinner as well! She bought us Chik-fil-a (SCORE!) and we talked and laughed and had a really good time! Then, we began the lesson. As soon as we started, the spirit filled the room. She always has incredible questions and has truly been striving to understand. As we walked through the Plan with her, her countenance continued to change, and her heart was being softened. We really focused on baptism as we got to the Earth Life. This is something she has had concerns about and not fully understood, so we wanted to help her know why it was so important. It was amazing. As we progressed through and finally finished, there were lots of tears, lots of love, and lots of prayers answered. We truly experienced a miracle as Dena expressed to us her feelings and concerns, but SHE KNOWS. She knows it is true! And she WANTS IT. I can't express how amazing it was. I have NEVER felt the spirit like I did last night. I keep saying that, but it was a very humbling, eye opening experience for me. To see a mother and a daughter talk about being an eternal family one day was one of the most beautiful moments I have ever been a part of. 

I am so grateful for this gospel, for the Plan of Salvation, and for eternal families. I have been so overcome with the spirit the last week. Miracles DO happen. When you exercise your faith and go to work, miracles follow. 

To end, I want to leave you with a poem my sweet mission president, President Smith shared with us. 

"Down shadowy lanes, across strange streams Bridged over by our broken dreams; Behind the misty caps of years, Beyond the great salt fount of tears, The garden lies. Strive as you may, You cannot miss it in your way. All paths that have been, or shall be, Pass somewhere through Gethsemane. All those who journey, soon or late, Must pass within the gardens gate; Must kneel alone in darkness there, And battle with some fierce despair. God pity those who cannot say, Not mine but thine, who only pray, Let this cup pass, and cannot see The purpose in Gethsemane."

Peace 'n Blessins!

 :) Sister Holmes 

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