Wk # 46: Spiritual GROWTH

This week my humble testimony has been strengthened ten fold. The power and influence of the spirit that I have experienced has forever changed my life, and for that I am extremely grateful.
This week has been one full of incandescent tender mercies.

On Tuesday the alarm went off bright and early at 5:30 am. As I hopped out of bed and onto my knees, I was so excited that it was finally September 25th! Half of the Florida Tallahassee Mission was coming together for a special conference with Elder Nielson and Elder Stanfil of the Seventy and their sweet wives. Anticipation was raging, and I was so ready! We got ready and headed out the door so we could be there at 7:30.

The sisters in the mission got to meet with Sister Nielson, Sister Stanfil and Sister Smith, and the Leadership of the mission got to meet with Elder Stanfil, Elder Nielson and President Smith before the conference began. What an incredible meeting. Never have I felt more empowered by the spirit than I did then! One thing that really stood out to me in that meeting was how every creation that Heavenly Father created was made to be acted upon, except us. We were created to act. The example was given that if we pick an apple off of the tree, the apple won't yell and say, "No! Don't eat me today!" and jump out of our hands and back onto the tree. They were created to be acted upon. So how are we using that gift? Are we acting on the promptings we receive? On the commandments and standards we've been given? Or are we sitting around doing nothing?

As the day went on, we all got together for the main conference. So much revelation came during that meeting! One of the things that stood out to me the very most though was that we need to BECOME. What does that mean for you? What do you need to do to become like the Savior? What changes do you need to make? Everyday we have the potential to become greater than we were yesterday, and to become stronger for the future. Who are you becoming?

We got to sing the mission song for them (that I get chills singing every time...) and eat lunch catered from Red Elephant. SO GOOD. 

After the conference ended at about 3:30, President Smith announced that six missionaries would be getting interviewed by Elder Nielson and Elder Stanfil. They were prayerfully selected, and so we were all a bit anxious. Talk about an intimidating/incredible experience!

Then all the sudden, President Smith said "Sister Holmes, you will be interviewing with Elder Stanfil in room 10 in 5 minutes." 


I was SUPER overwhelmed with the opportunity! As I went into the room with Elder Stanfil, all my nerves were calm, and the spirit was so strong. He is most definitely a General Authority for the Lord. It was the most surreal experience. He was an extremely inspired man, and seemed to know me. I will never forget that moment.

After my interview (I may or may not have been overcome with some emotion...) I sat out in the hall, reflecting and getting a grip on myself. Sister Stanfil came over and sat by me, and I was blessed to have had the opportunity to chat with her for a good 15 minutes! What a sweet, sweet lady!!

As the interviews came to an end, the leadership got to have another MLC with them. 

I was struck by the power of the Atonement. Elder Nielson said that as he was eating breakfast with Elder Bednar (no big deal...) Elder Bednar turned to him and said, "I am convinced that the Atonement happened ONE by ONE. That each of us took a moment by the Savior as he suffered for our pains, weaknesses, and sins. Then, he took on the pain for the next person." Never has the doctrine of the Atonement hit me so plainly. It truly is uniquely individual to each of us. What a blessing!

After MLC, we got to have dinner with them and chat, and then went up to the mission home to take a picture. It was an extremely inspiring day that has changed me and my testimony forever. 

The week continued to be filled with small miracles, and a new herd of college students! Yay for fresh blood! It was extremely overwhelming on campus! But SO MUCH FUN!!! We met some incredible people that we are super excited about!!

Man. I wish I could know how to express in words how truly grateful for this time in my life. It's been quite the journey that I hope never ends. 

And, of course, for the random things that happened this week:

-I got my finger STUCK in my water bottle for 20 minutes. It was swollen for two days afterward.
No, I don't know how it happened.
-I witnessed a boy and a girl riding a moped while holding a big cooler... people in Tallahassee are bizarre. 
-We prayed with two guys in the middle of campus... holding hands... and just not the way we pray. haha I was a little embarrassed. but it was a cool experience.
-We got roped into being in the stake choir for stake conference this weekend.... HELP. 

It's been a great week though!! 
Here's a little clip I want to leave ya'll with :)


Sister Holmes :)


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