Week #51: Trials Bring Gratitude

My heart is SO full of gratitude today. So many happy things to be grateful for!!!

First of all. Let's talk about General Conference. 

WHOA. Why can't it be General Conference ALL the time?! So much love!!! I was overcome by the spirit as I sat in a quiet chapel, surrounded by missionaries and investigators listening to the words of the Lord. So many things touched my heart, deepened my understanding, and confirmed to me that this truly is the path we need to be on. I was filled with wonder and awe at the council given, and the testimonies shared. I desperately needed the sweet spirit of conference this weekend. Oh, what a blessing!

This week has been a rough one for me. Lots of little things adding up, weighing me down, and dragging me along. We did service last saturday morning (i think I wrote about it last week) and had gotten bit by a bug which turned into not a very good thing! It ended up swelling to the size of a golf ball, and was as red as a cherry tomato about the size of a penny. It was SO painful. I had to go to the doctor (bblleehhhhh) and got some antibiotics! Dr. Kent was a little concerned, but luckily the meds have been working wonders! It's gone down a TON and isn't red anymore. YAY!!

I also got hit with the sick bug this week. It's been going around everyone out here... and finally hit me. Hard. It's been a struggle, but I'm still keepin on! There's no time to slow down!! I'm hoping and praying I'm on the uphill swing of things now... but we'll see.
Sadly, we won't be having any baptisms this weekend. Our investigators are really struggling right now, and we're really really sad about that! They are all incredible. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such inspiring people. They'll get the blessings of baptism soon. :) It's all in the Lord's timing!

Little frustrations have filled this week, but I have continually focused on being grateful. It's the cure for everything. I am SO SO SO GRATEFUL. Heavenly Father is SO good to me. I don't deserve it most of the time. 

Also, HUGE shoutout to the almost Elder Holmes as he leaves for the MTC this week! My love for that kid is beyond words. Buddy, WELCOME TO THE WORK! :) 

Also, another huge shout out to MADI!!! the almost Sister Holmes the second! ;) I am overwhelmed with excitement for Argentina to get two of my favorite people in the entire world!!!

What a beautiful peace the gospel brings!

As I sat and listened to the tender talk Elder Bednar gave, I was filled with happiness and a joy that I was serving a mission. He quoted sweet Elder Scott that said "When you cannot do what you have always done, you only do what matters most." 

How true that statement is!

I feel like that is the definition of my mission. I was once the person doing things that I loved, things I was good at, and things I chose, but then I was set apart to do the most important thing, and I couldn't be happier. 

I love ALL OF YOU!!! 
really. so much love.

Sister Holmes :)


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