Wk #54: The Spirit of Elijah

What up my people!

This week has been C-R-A-Z-Y.
Absolutely nuts, but in a good way! :)

First of all... WHAT THE YEAR MARK?! It freaks me out a little bit! I hate how fast the time flies. It was a good day though! My sweet companion made me pancakes for breakfast while I was in the shower! They were super yummy. I got a few packages (THANK YOU!) and had a great day full of missionary work! 
My "lexa moment" for the week was that I walked smack dab into a WALL. What is my problem?! It was super embarrassing, and I may or may not have a bruise on my arm from it. haha My life is the best life. :) 

We had some really incredible lessons this week. We taught Derek twice, and boy. I have been SO grateful that Heavenly Father led us to him! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he LOVED it. We asked him what his thoughts were, and he got a huge grin and said, "It just makes me feel so happy! It's WAY better than what I thought was going to happen to everyone, and way better than what I've been taught." He really, really loved it. He even took a picture of the little layout we have (THANKS MOM!) and was so excited to keep looking at it. THEN, we taught him about Family History and Temples at the next lesson because during the Plan of Salvation when we asked if he had any questions he asked, "What about all the people in the spirit world that haven't been baptized? That's not very fair for them." PERFECT QUESTION! So we taught about Family History and Baptisms for the dead, and WHOA. That was a powerful lesson. The spirit of Elijah was SO strong. I sat there in awe during the whole lesson. During the lesson he whipped out his notebook and pen and started writing notes and asked for us to repeat all the scripture references that we had used, and at the end he said, "This makes so much sense. God is a fair God! SO THIS MAKES SENSE! I want to go into the temple one day and help my ancestors be baptized. I can't wait." WHAT!!! I was SO happy!!! I got a little teary eyed! This lesson is what made him deeply consider baptism. He's so ready, and I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude. I love the gospel!!! He is such a sweet kid!
I went on two exchanges this week! I went to Crawfordville and the Tally 4th ward area! I love getting to serve in other areas with the sisters. They are all incredible, and I learn so much every time! In Crawfordville, we had an extremely powerful lesson with a less active about working towards the temple. You guys. THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH IS SO REAL. Again, I got teary eyed in that one too! SO many incredible moment this week that I will forever cherish. I love working with my sisters!

I have felt extremely overwhelmed and blessed to be out serving with Cade. The power of missionary work has been such a testimony to me. I truly have felt the blessings of serving at the same time with him, and that spirit that I have felt that comes from that is something I will never forget. So, Elder Holmes, thank you for being willing to accept the call to serve. I am forever grateful!

I love you all so so much. I can't even say it enough. Thank you for all your love and all the support and prayers. They are definitely felt and recognized and I thank Heavenly Father every day, multiple times a day for that! Seriously though. How did I get so lucky?

I just want to leave you with this video (I MAY have shared it before... I can't remember..) and challenge to work on your family history this week. We ALL have time to get on to familysearch.org and seek them out. It's the perfect Sabbath activity. :) But I know that our ancestors are waiting for us, you and me, to take them to the temple. Don't make them wait any longer, be a Savior on Mount Zion!

I love you all so so much!! Have a wonderful week!!

All my love, 
Sister Holmes


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