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Happy Saturday! 

I swear.. everyday is Saturday it feels like! They come so fast!

This week was FULL of tender mercies! 

Monday night Sister Evans and I were able to teach Hannah, and Tira skyped in from Utah! It was SO awesome. We are so grateful that we get to keep teaching her even though Tira isn't here anymore. Hannah is the prettiest, smartest young woman I have ever met. She blows me away every lesson we have with her!

We had some really awesome lessons with Derek this week doing Family History and helping him make a mormon.org profile. He wants to share his conversion story/testimony to anyone and everyone, so we thought that that would be the perfect place to start! He is doing extremely well. He's being hit with a lot of opposition, but he is staying SO strong. That kid also blows me away all the time. He is so excited to go to the temple and receive the Priesthood!

Johnnie is doing super great as well! He is progressing SO much, and he is willing to change his life to come closer to God. It's been really cool to watch him grow and gain a testimony. 

Wednesday was transfer day... Always a crazy day! Luckily, I AM STAYING HERE AT TCC! Huge blessing! I don't ever want to leave. We are doing transfers differently now, so we got to have the gorgeous Sister Bushnell with us for the day, and it was so much fun. It was also the first day of school, so there were SO many people on campus! I have never been so excited to OYM in my life! We met some incredible people, and a ton of prepared potentials! We were all in awe the entire day.

All of our investigators are back in town, and so we got to meet with Curel and Derrick, Kaleel, Melissa, and Willie!! All of them did so good over the break, and are still way solid.

So, one of the miracles this week, besides having SO many incredibly prepared potentials and teaching more lessons this week than we have the last three weeks combined is Juliette. 

We met Juliette on the first day of school. She was leaving class and we stopped to talk about the gospel to her, and found her extremely interested in learning more! When asking when we could meet up with her to share our message, she insisted we meet the next day. So, we of course jumped at the opportunity and set up an appointment. The next day, we meet her at the institute and begin teaching her the Restoration. I have NEVER taught a lesson like that! She was soaking up every little sentence we were saying, explaining it back to us, agreeing with everything being said, loving the scriptures we shared, and then during the First Vision, she was speechless. She was amazed at the fact that we have a prophet on the earth today, and asked us how she could learn more. At the end of the lesson, we asked her if she wanted to know for herself if these things are true and she said, "I already believe everything you have shared with me! This is amazing. I can't wait to share it with my mom!" She said the closing prayer (which was extremely powerful), said that she was going to come to church on sunday, and then asked if one day she would be able to serve a mission. haha WHAT. Sister Evans and I walked out of that lesson STUNNED! It was the coolest experience! We are praying that she continues to have that understanding and fire! 

So many miracles have been experienced this week, and so many tender mercies have filled our days. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I have to experience these life changing moments everyday. 

I am especially grateful for the Book of Mormon. We have had the opportunity to begin reading it with Derek and Melissa (separately) and it has changed my whole week. For Derek, Sister Evans and I read a chapter together before we go to bed and discuss what stood out to us and then text it to Derek (he does the same), and with Melissa we read it over the phone with her. I have physically and spiritually seen the power that comes from the Book of Mormon the last few days. This week has been testing, and has been a little hard for me, but the strength I have received and the knowledge I have gained in this short time is impossible to describe. 

President Ezra Taft Benson said,
"I challenge all of us to prayerfully consider steps that we can personally take to bring this new witness for Christ more fully into our own lives and into a world that so desperately needs it... I have a vision of the whole Church getting nearer to God by abiding by the precepts of the Book of Mormon... Indeed, I have a vision of flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon."

There is no better challenge to accept than the one to use the Book of Mormon as the power against the adversary and the glue for happiness. 

He concludes by this testimony, and it's one that I second with my whole soul. 

"Moses never entered the promised land. Joseph Smith never saw Zion redeemed. Some of us may not live long enough to see the day when the Book of Mormon floods the earth and when the Lord lifts His condemnation. (See D&C 84:54–58.) But, God willing, I intend to spend all my remaining days in that glorious effort. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

I too intend to spend all my days in the effort of changing the world through the Book of Mormon. 

I love you all SO much!

Sister Holmes


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