First Florida Sunburn. Watch out for those overcast mornings.
Missionary Muscles.
A hot mess after 20+ miles on the bike... All in a days work.
Wow. I just am so overwhelmed today with gratitude. So many blessings have come into my life, and I just can't get over it! This morning, one of the ward members bought all three sets of missionaries groceries. ALL OF IT. What a selfless thing! We are part of such an amazing ward!

Little update on ma home boy Archie! He is doing AMAZING!!! Living the Word of Wisdom, coming to church every week, and calling us ALL the time with questions and to make sure we are coming back to teach him! His baptism date is still set in stone for this Saturday, and Sister Rohwer and I are THRILLED!!!! We have been counting down the days for this for a while now!

The elders had a baptism on Saturday night, and guess who overcame their little fear of playing the piano in front of people... THIS GIRL! Okay, so I maybe haven't overcome it quite yet, but I did agree to play at the baptism, and I got SO many compliments. I'm just surrounded by a bunch of southern sweethearts!

Sister Rohwer and I have had more amazing experiences this week. We got a new investigator, Diane, and met a couple people who are REALLY interested! We are so excited to start working with them!

It's also been WWAARRMMM. :) Which makes for two happy little sister missionaries! Which brings me to the picture I attached... I indeed have experienced my first Florida sunburn. Trust me. It was about 20 times worse in person. It even turned purple! haha The darn Florida forecast fooled us the other day. We rode our bikes a good 20+ miles (Yes, I thought I was going to die and be left on the side of the road) but man did we have a good time! Also, heaven bless the person who discovered Aloe Vera.

We have had the greatest times this week, and once again, I am so overwhelmed to have such an amazing companion!

The scripture I want to leave with you is Alma: 27:17-18.
I am beginning to understand what pure, Christlike happiness is, and I've had an inkling on a taste of what Ammon experienced! I hope we can all love our brothers and our sisters as much as Ammon did. I hope we can truly apply and love the gospel in such a way that radiates light!

I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ! I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to represent Him everyday, and share the gospel with all those around me.

I love you all!!

Sister Holmes:)

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