Wk# 22: A Life Changing Baptism!

What an unforgettable week.
We have been able to see Archie everyday for the past few weeks as he has been preparing to be baptized, and it has been quite the beautiful journey. As we have taught him, listened to him, and watched him grow, I have been able to truly witness a change in heart. 
Friday afternoon Sister Rohwer and I got a call from Archie and Karen wondering if we could come see them later on that evening, of course we agreed and ended the conversation. When we got there, Archie was definitely having a hard time. Very small things were making him extremely upset, he wasn't excited for his baptism, and he was far from happy. Satan was workin pretty darn hard. So, we sat down on his front porch and started talking to him. This was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been a part of. He recognized that Satan was doing all he could to keep Archie from being baptized. Archie told us that Satan told him to go buy a new pot for his coffee, to not show up to the baptism, and kept trying to get him to lose his temper. On top of that, their house ended up having a massive water leak.
Sister Rohwer and I honestly could not tell you what we told him that night, what our conversation was about, or what we were doing, but the spirit was definitely present and leading the conversation. We read a few baptism scriptures, encouraged him, and went inside to say a kneeling prayer. (The prayers that are really spiritual? He calls them heavy prayers. haha) So we experienced a heavy prayer with them, and he was a changed man. The happy ole Archie that was excited to be baptized. He told us "Satan ain't gon' win!" haha We ended up going to get a pre-baptism celebration treat and ending the night off with some laughs. 

Then Saturday morning rolled around.
We wake up, get ready, and head out the door. We get to the church, start filling up the font, and in walks Archie Brown. :) He went and put his baptism suit on, and tears. Instant tears for this sister! He was SO excited and so ready. We listened to some church music, talked, and soaked in the spirit. We took pictures outside and waited for everyone to come. Well, we had quite the crowd there! So many people came to support him, and it was amazing! He was so funny. When he walked into the font, he plugged his nose and tried to dunk himself (he got confused) and then everyone laughed and he laughed at himself. haha Then, when he came out of that water, he was truly a changed man. The biggest grin I had ever seen on a human. Again, tears. Okay. I had a constant flow of tears ALL MORNING. (That made playin the piano fun... haha) 

It was the most special, spiritual baptism I have ever been a part of. I am beyond grateful that out of the 200+ missionaries in the FTM, the thousands upon thousands of missionaries in the world, and that have ever served, Heavenly Father trusted Sister Rohwer and I to be an instrument in His hands to work with Archie. My life has forever been changed. As I've watched a grumpy man, hard hearted against the gospel, come to apply the Atonement in his life, come to know the truth, and gain a testimony, I have been humbled and have felt a little piece of Heavenly Father's love for him.

He is now 100 times happier than I have ever seen him. A COMPLETELY changed man. And I am a completely changed Sister.

Sister Rohwer and I have also had many wonderful memories made this week! We may or may not have taken a turtle on a bike ride and taken it home.. and we may or may not have tried to feed it golden raisins. haha We've enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weather, read our scriptures outside, and laughed until we've cried and ALMOST peed.
We also get to stay in Callaway together for another transfer! WE ARE THRILLED. She's more than just my sister in the gospel, and I am SO grateful for the opportunity I have to continue serving with her!
I love ya'll, and I appreciate each prayer said on my behalf and the prayers said for Archie. I've definitely felt them and seen them this week.


Sister Holmes :)

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