Wk #23: Tribulation Builds Testimonies

It's definitely been a rough week in this neck of the woods. I want to start off by thanking everyone for the
sweet, sweet words about my very loved grandma! I've been overwhelmed with the love and support I have gotten. As hard as it has been for me out here, I know that she will be my extra companion in this cherished mission of mine.

I have been EXTREMELY grateful for Sister Rohwer this past week. She has done everything in her power to help me and make sure I'm okay. It's been a humbling experience as she has been so selfless. I had the incredible experience of being able to feel Heavenly Father and my Saviors infinite love for me through Sister Rohwer. It has been a week full of emotion and heartache, but one of overwhelming gratitude and love. She has truly shown many Christlike attributes towards me, and has taken me under her wing. She has the biggest heart, and has cried with me in times of sorrow.

The work has been a little slow this week seeing as how my cute companion and I have both been sick, but we did get two new investigators, and they are amazing. Walt has come from a very dark past, but has completely changed his life around and has an incredible testimony! The elders were working with him, and after scripture study Wednesday night that Sister Rohwer and I taught, him and his girlfriend (a member in our ward) came up and asked us to continue teaching them. We had a very powerful lesson after that, and we have felt so honored! And the other is Lacreesha! She is a SWEETHEART.

We are so excited :)
Sister Petersen & Sister Palmer. Both went home last week. My Sister Trainers. Very hard to see them go.
We are still working with sweet little Jazzanae for her baptism in a few weeks. She is a doll, and we love her to death! Keep praying for the 18th of April!

We also went on quite the bike ride on Saturday (both sicker than sick) and SURVIVED. 20+ miles in humidity ain't got nothin on us.

We also have discovered that the other two sisters have a little grill... so we have used it multiple times this last week! And no, I did not eat those veggies. haha

With General Conference fast approaching,  I would like to invite you to prayerfully think of questions you'd like to have answered. Search the scriptures, talk with your Heavenly Father, and write your special questions down. Ponder them over the next couple weeks and prepare your minds spiritually for the words the Prophet and leaders of the church will speak. Your questions will be answered!


Sister Holmes :)

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